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Q: When on a grid do you go to the top or bottom first?
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Do veins go on top or bottom of first rib?

bottom of ribs and above the legs

Where does the denominator go at top or bottom?

It goes at the bottom.

Does a bayonet go on the top or bottom of the gun?

On the bottom

Where do all the paintings go in counterfeit island?

the top one goes in the bottom and the bottom ones go in the top

Which way do credits go top to bottom or bottom to top?

Most closing credits begin at the bottom of the screen and end at the top.

When you divide fractions does the big number go first?

The number on the bottom of the fraction bar is first, then divide that by the top number :)

How do you get to safron gym leader?

To reach the saffron city gym leader you must first go through the top left teleporter then the top right, bottom left, top right and lastly bottom right.

How do you do level 21 on click play 2?

First click the bottom leftSecond click the top leftThird click bottom rightFourth click top right(hint: they go by fast)

How do you get to the gym leader in safron city?

You use the first teleporter then u go top left, top right, bottom left, top right, then lastly you go on the bottom right and then the gym leaderwith defeat you if you are bad at pokemon. That is how you get to the safron gym leader.

What direction does a skimmer weir face Does the lip go on top or bottom and does it face the skimmer or pool?

Does it go from the top or bottom

Where does the denominator go in a fraction?

On the bottom - numerator on top; denom on bottom.

Is it normal for a kid to lose their front bottom tooth first I thought the top ones normally go first?

yes it most likely is normal to have a kid loose their front bottom tooth...............................................I did