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If medicare is one of the insurances then medicare is primary and the commercial insurance is secondary.

If you have two commercial insurances then that would depend. It would be a good idea to contact both and get that straight before you incur a lot of bills.

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Q: When people have more then one insurance which one is considered the primary ins?
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When will secondary health insurance not pay?

if primary paid more than allowed amount or if patient has primary insurance

If Primary insurance paid more thatsecondary would allow. Is patient responsible for deductible and coinsurance?

Is the patient responsible for deductible and coinsurance if primary insurance paid more than secondary would have allowed.

What is the basic criteria of insurance being primary in the case of two or more insurance policies?

This is a confusing question... The answer is at

If the primary insurance allows more than the secondary insurance what would the secondary insurance pay?

Secondary insurance will not pay the claim but the remaining charges should not be billed to the member/patient. Provider of service should write off the patient responsibility that primary insurance applied.

What is the primary reason for insurance?

Insurance has many benefits that can help people greatly in hard times especially in car crashes, injuries, destruction of homes and much more. Insurance is the coverage one may receive when something goes wrong.

Can gateway be primary health insurance in PA?

Yes it can be but only if you are on it for more then 5 years. :)

Which insurance policy is never primary when the insured has more than one policy?


If primary insurance pays more than what the secondary allowed?

The balance gets adjusted.

Can medicare be used for secondary insurance if the primary insurance is paid by your employer?

Medicare is primary if your group is under 20 lives. 20 lives or more and medicare is secondary to your employer paid group plan.

Where would I look to find discount deals on primary insurance?

There are several different insurance companies out there to choose from. It depends on the type of insurance you are looking for. Car insurance can be pretty easy to compare. Health insurance can get more confusing.

Is there such a thing as an insurance for backpack travelers?

Yes, there is a thing called backpack travelers insurance. Backpack travelers insurance is for those people that plan on making trips to places that are considered dangerous and doing activities that are considered dangerous. Backpack travelers insurance has more coverage then normal travel insurance like emergency medical, rescue, personal money, and travel delay among some.

Is safeco insurance really considered safe?

According to most reviews, Safeco insurance is considered to be a safe, reliable insurance agency, offering various insurance policies on cars, houses and more. There have been no reports on it being an unsafe company.

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