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They move in a swirly way

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Q: When sails are rotating what shape are they moving in?
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What does a tranlation in a shape look lke?

Moving a shape, without rotating or flipping it. "Sliding". The shape still looks exactly the same, just in a different place.

What shape were the sails on a dhow?


What does the word translation mean in fourth grade geometry?

A translation is the act of moving a shape on a graph without rotating it or changing its size. This can be done by moving each of the points that make up the shape the same distance in the same direction.

What is the difference between static and rotating equipment?

Static equipment is equipment with no moving parts, such as a steam ejector. Rotating equipment has moving parts. An example of rotating equipment is a compressor.

What happens to area and perimeter of a triangle when it is moved?

Just moving a triangle, or rotating, or even reflecting (without scaling) a shape will not change its area or its perimeter.

What part of a ship is the constellation vela?

It's the shape of a ship's sails.

Why do windmills make noise?

Because they have moving parts, such as the sails, and all moving things on land make a noise.

What is evidence that the Earth is rotating?

The sun moving across the sky is one of millions of "evidence" that Earth is rotating...

In a solar sail What is the shape of a measuring tape spools out to support the thin sails?


Why star is moving?

You grammer are terrible. And no, the stars are not moving. The Earth is rotating on its axis (spinning), so they appear to be moving around us. They are stationary (not moving).

What are the moving in circles?

It can use the term orbiting or rotating to describe such motion.

Why the sun changes position in the sky?

because the earth is moving (rotating)

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