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Equal to MC.

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Q: When the average total cost is at its minimum is it greater than MC equal to MC or smaller than MC?
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The more massive is an object and the smaller is its radius the greater or smaller is the escape velocity from it?

For two bodies with equal radius, the more massive has the greater escape velocity. For two bodies with equal mass, the one with smaller radius has the greater escape velocity. Both conditions listed in the question indicate greaterescape velocity.

When is the minimum possible short-run average costs are equal to long-run average cost?

the long run curve is at a minimum point

If two objects are balanced equal but one is smaller which one has greater density or are they equal?

the smaller one is more dense. because it takes up less space but has the equal amount of mass.

Is 34 ft and 10 inches equal to greater than or smaller than 518 inches?

Greater than

Is 800cm greater than 8m?

No, and it's not smaller either. They're equal lengths.

What is happening to average variable costs when they equal marginal costs?

When average variable costs equal to the average marginal cost, the average variable cost will be at the minimum point. i.e. lowest cost

Is 64 fl oz greater than 8 cups?

No. And it's not smaller either. Those two quantities are equal.

Is 11 greater than or equal to 10?

11 is 1 greater than 10 10 is 1 smaller than 11

Is 6 km greater or smaller or equal than 660 m?

6 km equals 6000 m which is greater than 660 m

Can the LCM be smaller than one of the numbers?

No. The LCM has to be equal to or greater than the largest number in the set.

What do the sides Of a triangle have to equal?

The sum of the 2 smaller sides must be greater than the longest side

Is the average speed larger then equal to or smaller then half its final speed?

It can be any of them. If your final speed is the fastest you have gone then it is smaller, if it is the slowest you have gone then it is bigger and if it is the average of what you have been doing then it is the same.

Is the sum of two numbers always greater than the larger number?

Not always, if the smaller number is 0 or a negative number. Then their sum will be equal or less than the greater number.

In the answer to a division problem should the remainder be greater than less than or equal to the diviser?

The remainder must always be smaller.

Which is greater 0.625 or 15 out of 25?

Expressed as a decimal, 15/25 is equal to 0.6. This is therefore smaller than 0.625.

Is the greatest conman factor of a pair of numbers ever greater than both numbers?

No. At most, it can be equal to the smaller number.

What is C Cx plus 2y x plus y greater or equal to 8 x greater or equal to 3 y greater or equal to 0?

what is c, x + 2y, x+y equal to or greater than 8, x equal to or greater than 3, y equal to or greater than 0.

Is a grade point average of 2.647 passing?

anything greater than of equal to 2.0 is passing.

Why mc intersect or cuts ac at its minimum point?

because at the minimum costs the adition costs(MC) is equal to average costs(AC) and which is a cost of single unit.

What is the salary of a franchise owner?

greater or equal >=12% of the sales should me the minimum a poorly operated dunkin franchise should be making

Earths minimum orbital velocity in mph?

The average orbital velocity of the Earth is equal to 29.78 km/s. This is equal to 66,610.9918 miles per hour.

What is the greater than equal to sign?

The greater than or equal to sign is "≥".

What is the answer to 3a-4 is greater than or equal to 5?

a is greater than or equal to 3

Is 0.5 greater than six tenths?

No - 0.5 is equal to 5/10, one tenth smaller than six tenths.

A number that rounded to the nearest 10 gives an answer of 20?

That would be any number greater or equal to 15, and smaller than 25.

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