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Greater than >

Less than<

equal to=

The sign for "greater than or equal to" is > written on top of =.

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Q: What is the sign for greater than or equal too?
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is 1500ml less than, greater than, or equal too 1.5L?

it is equal too =)

Is 0 less than greater than or equal too -4?

greater than

What are the for greater than and less than symbols?

&lt; &gt; = Greater than , less than and equal too

Is 4m is greater than or less than or equal to 400dm?

equal too

What is a math problem without an equal sign may have numbers variables and or operation signs?

Algebraic Equation: A statement using variables and an equal sign. It may or may not have operations. example: 2(a+100)=5a Algebraic Expression: A statement using variables that does not include an equal sign. It may or may not have operations. example: 3a+6-5a Algebraic Inequality: A statement that uses variables a inequality sign (such as greater than, greater than or equal too, less than, less than or equal too, not equal too). It may or my not have operations. example: 3+5&lt;6x2

Is 56cm greater than less than or equal too 6m?

less than

Is 17 greater than or equal too 17?

They appear equal.

Is 0.008 greater than less than or equal too 0.06?


Is 7pints greater or less than one gallon?

equal too

Is 5 greater than less than or equal too 0?

5 is greater than 0,but -5 is lesser than 0

Is 224.56 greater than 224.6?

224.60 is greater than 224.56 if your considering two decimal points. But if you was to round it too one decimal point they would be equal. As 224.56 would round to 224.6 = 224.6

What is greater than -5.6?

This is a very stupid question to ask... -5.6 is a negative number so that means that anything that is equal too or larger than 0 is greater than it. -5.5999..., -5.5888..., -5.5777..., and -5.5666... are just a few of the numbers that are greater than -5.6 and less than 0. Think before you ask dumb questions like this.

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