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In process control.

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Q: When the only sources of variation in a production process are caused by chance the process is said to be?
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Process is in control the variations in x-bar and r between different samples of the process output are caused by which assignable causes natural variations sampling bias human error?

If the process is in control, then the variation is termed common cause or what you have stated as natural variation.

What is heritable variation?

Heritable variation is the variation in characteristics caused by genetic factors.

Variations are caused by?

variation are caused by meiosis as they split and swap bits of chromosomes to the daughter cells to create variation

What causes the variation in pitch?

it is caused when the variation is hit on the guitar

What causes varation in traits?

Genotypic variation is caused by mutation. Phenotypic variation can be caused by mutation, which gives rise to different alleles, or it can be caused by environmental factors.

Variation in phenotype expression may be caused by?

Variation in phenotype expression is caused by 3 things: Age, Environment, and Interaction with other genes in the genotype.

Is variation always caused by the surroundings?


Natural selection causes changes in populations of organisms not individual organisms because?

differential reproductive success caused by genetic variation is necessary for the process of natural selection.

What is the variation of genes?

A variation of a gene is called and allele. Different alleles are caused by mutations.

What is the observation of a wet spot on a hot highway in the summer caused by?

This is caused by refraction. A variation in air density corresponds to variation in refractive index of the air, locally near the road.

What is variation caused by?

It is caused by crossing over in sexual reproduction and random mutations in DNA.

Global pressure belts are caused by?

Temperature variation.

How fast does a musket fire?

Usually 200-400 metres per second. The variation is caused by the bad process in which muskets were made at the time. The latter number is more around today's muskets.

What is variation in evolution?

Variation is the differences between two organisms of the same species. This can be caused by mutations, gene flow, and sexual reproduction.

What are the political obstacles in trying to reduce acid rain?

Most pollution is caused by the production and use of energy sources. Reducing acid is difficult because the industries causing it have considerable influence in politics.

Is it true that seasonal variation is caused by the earth's eliptical orbit around the sun?

No, it is not.

What is the name for movement within a fluid caused by temperature or density variation?


What causes variation within societies?

This is caused by people having sexual reproduction.

What caused variation?

Cross pollination, mutation and polyploidy lead to variations in the progeny

What are 4 sources of land pollution caused by solid waste?

what are the sources of land pollution

Why are mutation in body cells not a source of genetic variation?

A mutation in body cells is not a source of genetic variation because the variation was not caused by sexual reproduction. Mutations in body cells also normally aren't passed down.

What name is used to indicated all sources of pollution caused by human activity?

Anthropogenic sources

What is statistical control?

A statistical technique used to eliminate variance in dependent variables caused by extraneous sources. In evaluation research, statistical controls are often used to control for possible variation due to selection bias by adjusting data for program and control group on relevant characteristics.

Is mutation caused by continuous and discontinuous variation? GO THERE =)

Define dynamic error?

dynamic error is caused by time variation in the measured quantity