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Q: When the sample size and sample standard deviation remain the same a 99 percent confidence interval for a population mean will be narrower than the 95 percent confidence interval for the mean?
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True or False The higher the confidence level the narrower the confidence interval?


In a poll of 100 adults 45 percent reported they believe in faith healing If the poll was based on 5000 adults would the confidence interval be wider or narrower?

The formula for margin of error is (Z*)*(Standard Deviation))/(sqrt(N)), so as N increases, the margin of error decreases. Here N went from 100 to 5000, so N has increased by 4900. This means the margin of error decreases. Since the confidence interval is the mean plus or minus the margin of error, a smaller margin of error means that the confidence interval is narrower.

When the sample size increase what will happen to the 95 percent confidence interval?

It becomes narrower.

Is it true that the wider the confidence interval the less precise is the estimate?

All things being equal, a wider confidence interval (CI) implies a higher confidence. The higher confidence you want, the wider the CI gets. The lower confidence you want, the narrower the CI gets The point estimate will be the same, just the margin of error value changes based on the confidence you want. The formula for the CI is your point estimate +/- E or margin of error. The "E" formula contains a value for the confidence and the higher the confidence, the larger the value hence the wider the spread. In talking about the width of the CI, it is not correct to say more or less precise. You would state something like I am 95% confident that the CI contains the true value of the mean.

When the larger values of the standard deviation result in a normal curve that narrower and more peak?


How is narrow narrower than broad?

narrow is narrower than broad because it is.

What does it mean if an edge line slants in toward the center of the road?

The road is narrower ahead. The road is narrower ahead. The road is narrower ahead.

What is the comparative form of narrow?

narrower. The new Fords are narrower than the old models.

Which concept is organized by going from a broad level of concepts to narrower and narrower concepts?


What makes blood vessels narrower?

Nothing 'makes' them narrower. It is a function of the body.

What does narrower mean?

The adjective narrower means "more narrow" or "not as wide" in comparison to another width or a change in width.

Can you determine why some drugs have narrower spectra than others?

Why some drugs have narrower spectrum than others

As a supersonic aircraft gains speed does the conical angle of its shock wave become wider narrower or remain constant?


What is a five letter word that means the opposite of narrower?

The usual antonym of narrower is "wider."

Are traffic lanes narrower on the north east coast?

Traffic lanes are narrower on the north east coast because they were constructed in to be that way.

What is the opposite of narrower?


How is bone growth affected when sexual hormone production increases?

epipyseal plates at each end of the bone get narrower and narrower until they disappear.

What is the comparative and superlative of narrow?

the comparison of "narrow" should be "narrower, narrowest".

Would water evaporate faster in a wide glass than a narrower glass?

Water evaporate faster in a wide glass than in a narrower glass.

Would water evaporate faster in a wide glass than in a narrower glass?

Water evaporate faster in a wide glass than in a narrower glass.

What is the comparative and superlative forms of narrow?

narrower, narrowest

What is demassification?

media focus on narrower audience segments.

Why is the lumen vessel in an artery narrower than a vein?

They are narrower in the vein because the blood pressure is lower so the walls do not need to be as thick. =)

Is narrower an adverb?

No.'Narrower' is in comparative adjective form, e.g. "This hallway is narrower than the others".The adverb form would be 'narrowly', e.g. "the train narrowly missed the man by the rails".

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if you mean are stalagmites narrower than stalactites then they can both be bigger than each other because there sises are nearly allways different

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