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By finding the differences between the x and y columns on the table.

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Q: When the y- value increase as the x-value decrease how can it be shown in a table?
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How is it shown on a table if the y axis decreases and the x axis increases?

Axes do not increase or decrease so the question cannot be answered sensibly.

The y axis values increases as the x axis values increase how is this shown on a graph and table?

On a graph it is shown by a line that goes from the bottom left towards the top right. There are fewer conventions about presenting data in a table and it is not possible to say how it might be shown. One possibility is that there is a column of y values and a column of x values. And both increase (decrease) together.

Do the size of anions increase or decrease when goin across the periodic table?


From left to right in the periodic table does the atomic number decrease or increase?


Cold temperatures increase or decrease the water table?


How does the atomic radius increase or decrease horizontally on the periodic table?

Atomic radius decreases horizontally in periodic table. This is due to increase in nuclear charge.

As you go from left to right on a periodic table does the electronegativity increase or decrease?


How is is helpful to organize data in a table or a graph?

it keep you organize and can show the increase and decrease

What is the pattern of vertical columns on the periodic table of elements?

Protons gradually increase or decrease.

What causes a shift in the supply curve?

the factors that cause the demand curve for bonds to shift are: increase/decrease in inflation rate increase/decrease of common stock increase/decrease of stock prices useful table :

Does atomic radius decrease and metalic character increase from left to right on the periodic table?

both decreases from left to right on the periodic table

Where does the boiling point on the periodic table increase and decrease?

The boiling point on a periodic table increases at 100*c and decreases at 30*c

How does atomic radii increase or decrease in the table?

atomic radii increases from left to right in the periodic table from metal to non metal in the right

Does atomic radius increase or decrease as you go across a period on the periodic table?

in general it decreases

When you read the periodic table top to bottom the number of electron energy level increase or decrease?


From left to right in the periodic table does the atomic mass number decrease or increase?

the atomic mass increases

What patterns do you notice as you move down the groups on the Periodic Table?

- the atomic weight increase- the atomic radius increase- the electronegativity decrease (excepting groups 6-12)- the ionization energy decrease

Which general trend is demonstrated in group 17 elements is shown from top to bottom?

A decrease in Electronegativity! (You can find it on Table S on the Periodic Table.) AK

What patterns are there on the periodic table?

In Chemistry, periodic trends patterns in the periodic table are the tendencies of certain elemental characteristics to increase or decrease as one progresses from one corner of the Periodic table of elements.

Does ionization increase or decrease across the periodic table?

Ionization energy increases as we go across a period and decreases as descend in a group.

Why does the atomic size decrease going down a period of the periodic table?

This is because there is an increase in positive charge in the nucleus.

Would the water table increase or decrease under hot temperature?

Heat would dry the earth. If the water table is down far enough it would not be affected.

What properties are true for any row within the periodic table?

Within a row, going from left to right, the electronegativity will increase, the ionization energy will increase, and the atomic radius will decrease.

Y-values decrease as the x-values increase how is it shown on a table and a graph?

If the table consists of a column of x values and a column of y values, and if the x values are in increasing order, ten the y values will be in decreasing order. The graph of y against x will have a downward slope. That is, the line or curve will be going from top left of the chart to bottom right.

How does electronegativity increase or decrease in modern periodic table?

Electronegativity increases from left to right across a period and decreases down a group.