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If you have two equations give AND one parametric equation why do you need to find yet another equation?

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Q: When two planes equation given and one parametric equation is given how can you find the plane equation?
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What is a parametric eq?

A parametric equation is a way of representing a set of points. For instance, the (x,y) co-ordinates of a certain collection of points in the plane might be given by the parametric equation, x = 4 + t, y = 5t where t is called the parameter of the parametric equation and ranges over the entire set of real numbers. In this case the set of points is a line. Usually parametric equations are used to discuss curves of one kind of another. Please see the link.

Given on a plane how many half planes does it form?


What name is given to planes which travel faster than sound?

Supersonic plane

What is the locus of points in space that are equidistant from two parallel planes?

A plane midway between the two given planes and parallel to them.

Is a bush plane a passenger plane?

A bush plane is the nickname given to small planes that fly in remote areas. Though, they do in some cases carry passengers to these remote locations.

Why must there be at least two lines on any given plane?

A single line is not sufficient to define a plane. You can find a plane such that the line is in it. But if you then rotate the plane using that line as the axis of rotation, you can get an infinite number of planes such that the line belongs to each and every one of the planes.

In general how many planes are there which contain any number of given points?

There are no planes containing any number of given points. Two points not the same define a line. Three points not in a line define a plane. For four or more points to lie in the same plane, three can be arbitrary but not on the same line, but the fourth (and so on) points must lie in that same plane.

How many planes will contain 2 points?

Infinitely many planes contain any two given points- it takes three (non-collinear) points to determine a plane.

An equation for a line in the xy-plane allows you to find the value of y given x?


How many planes can pass through one point?

I would say that there are an infinite number of planes that can pass through a pair of skew lines. In order to find the equation of a plane, all you need is three points. take two points off of one line and one point off of the other line and you should be able to derive the equation of a plane. Since the number of points on a line is infinite, an infinite number of planes can be derived.

Who invented by planes?

well the first inventor of planes and technically the first inventor of by planes were the wright brothers because there first plane was a by plane

If you are given the graph of a line in an xy-plane and its corresponding equation you can be sure that the coordinates of every point on that line will satisfy the equation?

Yes, I'm confident of that.