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Q: When two variables x and y are so related that the value of one of them say y depends upon the value of the other x then y is called?
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What are dependent and independent variables and how are they usually related to each other in a problem or situation?

a DEPENDENT variable is one of the two variables in a relationship.its value depends on the other variable witch is called the independent variable.the INDEPENDENT variable is one of the two variables in a relationship . its value determines the value of the other variable called the independent variable.

What is the resulting ordered pair if the value of the independent variable is 2?

In order to answer that, I would have to know how the dependant and independant variables are related ... how one depends on the other one. That's called the 'function', or the 'equation in two variables'. It's probably right there, near where you copied the question from.

How are the variables related to each other?

There are infinitely many possible ways in which two variables can be related to one another.

What is the result on the other of two variables that are inversely related when one is doubled?

If the variables are inversely related, doubling one will half the other.

What is the factor that depends on the value of the other variables?

dependent variable

How many ounces are two pancakes?

Depends on size and other variables.

What does it mean for economic variables to positively related?

if two variables are positively related,it means that the two variables change in the same direction.that is,if the value of one of the variables increases,the value of the other variable too will increase.for example,if employment as an economic variable increases in a country,and price of goods too increases then we can say that these two variables(employment and price) are positively related

What is a statement called that explains how variables affect each other called?


What is the average price of a strawberry?

This depends entirely on where you are, what season it is, and many other variables.

What is the channel bandwidth for 2KHZ signal?

depends on type of modulation and other variables

A relationship between two variables in which one quantity depends on the other is a?


Define and differentiate between endogenous and exogenous variables?

The endogenous variables value is established by the conditions of the other variables in the structure. The exogenous variables value in independent of the conditions of the other variables in the structure. The difference between the endogenous and exogenous variables is the endogenous depends solely on the structure and the exogenous depend on outside elements.