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a DEPENDENT variable is one of the two variables in a relationship.its value depends on the other variable witch is called the independent variable.

the INDEPENDENT variable is one of the two variables in a relationship . its value determines the value of the other variable called the independent variable.

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Q: What are dependent and independent variables and how are they usually related to each other in a problem or situation?
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What is the independent variables in a problem?

Independent variables are the factors that are manipulated or changed by the experimenter in a study or experiment. They are the variables that are believed to have an effect on the dependent variable, which is the outcome being measured. In research, the independent variables are controlled and varied to observe their impact on the dependent variable.

How do we use variables in the real wold?

Use variables to represent two quantities in a real-world problem that change in relationship to one another; write an equation to express one quantity, thought of as the dependent variable, in terms of the other quantity, thought of as the independent variable. Analyze the relationship between the dependent and independent variables using graphs and tables, and relate these to the equation.

Which element of a lab report is a statement that accurately describes the experiment or problem and includes the independent and dependent variables?

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What is the scientific term of dependent variable?

The dependent variable might be termed the "ordinate". The dependent variable in an experiment is the data you are collecting. When some variable depends on other variables, it is called the dependent variable. For example, the temperature of something will depend on how long you heat it, and the on the rate of heat input via a flame or something. The temperature would be a dependent variable, because it depends on the time and fuel input to the flame (independent variables). Sometimes written like y=function of x and z, or y=f(x,z). Here y is the dependent variable. You could then ask how much time it would take to get to a specified temperature. from that point of view, the time taken would depend on the input to the flame and the specified temperature. In that case the dependent variable in the problem is the time taken, since it depends on the other terms, now regarded as the independent variables since you are specifying them as inputs to the problem. <<>> Dependent variables are also sometines described as exogenous variables.

What is a scientific dependent variable?

The dependent varialbe is a variable that depends on the independent variable. The affet changes the problem.

How is a constant and an independent variable similar?

An independent variable or manipulated variable is when you change it on purpose. For example, say your scientific problem was "Does certain substances affect how fast water is frozen?" Those substances are the indepentant variables. A dependant variable is how you measure the dependant variable. For instance, the dependant variable would be how fast the water is frozen. The things they have in common are that they are both variables and are subject to change.

What are the main problem faced during the pre 1997ratoning system?

The important dependent variables used for the study are effectiveness of PDS. Effectiveness denotes the fruitfulness of this scheme -weather the benefits of PDS have reached the right people without any hurdles. The other variable is independent variables. The independent variables used in this study are sex, age, educational status, marital status, exposure to mass media, contact with change agents,

How do you determine which values are represented on the vertical axis vs the horizontal axis when you are given a problem situation?

Usually the independent variable is plotted on the horizontal, and the dependent is plotted on the vertical. Example if you're graphing distance vs time, then time is the independent variable, because time keeps going independent of how you are moving.

How do you write a scientific problem?

What is the effect of the ______ on the _______? Fist blank: (independent variable- what is being changed) Second blank: (dependent variable- what is being measured)

What needs to be on a science fair project?

Hypotheseis Procedure Materials Problem Question controls Independent variable Dependent variable Data Graphs Conclusion

Why There is time dependent and independent equation.What is the need for this?

If you have a situation in a steady state ("at rest") it would be pointless to introduce consideration of time dependence into any discussion or calculation relating to the problem. In fact, if you did include it, the first thing that would happen in your calculation would be that time variation would drop out of all consideration. So it would be pointless to include in the first place. On the other hand if you are calculating a changing situation, it would be foolish not to include time.

What is the name of a sentence that defines the value of the unknowns in a problem is called a?

A sentence which defines a value of variables in a mathematical problem is called a statement. The relationship between variables in a mathematical problem is called a function.