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on the 11th of noivember

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Q: When was the 2 minutes silence held?
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How long does the silence last for on remembrance day?

The silence lasts for 2 minutes.

How long is the silence on Remembrance Day?

The silence on remembrance day is 2 minutes long.

What occurs at 11 am on remembrance day?

2 minutes silence

Why is 11th November 2 minute silence 2 minutes long?

because it is.

How do you call for a minutes silence at a meeting?

Say "can we all have a minutes silence" for .........

What is the answer to ditloid 2ms?

2 Minutes Silence (Armistice Day Tribute)

How long is the silence on remembrance Sunday?

Either 1 or 2 minutes.

When is the 10 minutes silence held for John Lennon?

The last time I heard of that happening was on Sunday, December 14, 1980 at 14:00 (2 PM) New York time.

Why do you hold 2 minets of silence on martyrs day?

A martyr is someone who died for what they believed in, first of all. It's respectful to take 2 minutes of silence and think of everybody who died for what they believed was right. I don't know why 2 minutes, but it's for honoring martyrs.

When did the world war1 end?

It ended on November 11th the day where we have 1 or 2 minutes silence

Why 92 seconds of silence at Memorial Day Ceremonies?

its not really 92 seconds it is 2 minutes

What song is played during the two minutes of scilence during remembrance day?

no song, as it is 2 minutes of silence. I think the tune you are looking for, however, is called 'The Last Post'.Actually, after the 2 minutes of silence "The Last Post" is played followed by "The Rouse"... if you wikipedia it, you will find the sheet music for both :)

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