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It's been proven that pi is an irrational number. In other words, it can't be

written with a finite number of digits, and there is no 'last digit'.

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Q: When was the last digit of pi discovered?
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What is pi to the last digit?

There is no "last digit" of pi. Pi is irrational. Irrational numbers go in forever; like infinity

Chuck Norris knows the last digit of pi?

yes he does.

What is the last digit in pi?

There is no end to pi! so there is no ending digit in this irrational number. There is no last digit in pi because it goes on forever. Usually people shorten it to 3.14.

What is the last digit of pi?

There is no last digit of Pi, (π). It is an irrational number which means it goes on forever.Pi (approx 3.1416) doesn't have a last digit because it is irrational (and coincidentally, transcendental).That means, basically, the decimal form of pi extends infinitely past the decimal point and so you will never get to "the last digit of pi".

Do you think we will ever find the last digit of pi with the exhaustion method why?

There is no last digit of pi. It is possible to calculate the digits of pi an infinite number of times. The one millionth number is 5.

Are all the digits of pi discovered?

Answer: No. Pi is irrational; we could never find the last digit, because the digits go on forever. Also, being irrational means that the digits don't repeat periodically.

What is the last digit of pie?

Pi doesn't have a last digit - it goes on for infinity (it also doesn't seem to repeat itself, so there can't even be a philosophical argument for the last digit).

What is pi to the last 14 digits?

pi is a transcendental number, which is a kind of irrational number. That means that the decimal representation of pi does not end (nor does it have a recurring sequence). There is, therefore, no last digit.

What is the last found number of pi?

The last digit in pi is 0, because any number can end with a zero by adding an .0 or if it's a decimal, like pi, just ad a zero.

What is the 34th digit of pi?

The 34th digit of pi is 8.

What is the 27th digit of pi?

The 27th digit of pi is 3

What is the 1000th digit in pi?

The 1000th digit of pi is...9