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Q: When we expose half of a nail outside on a sunny day then we cover a half of a carton covered half still gets heated?
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Can orange juice be heated up on the stove to drink?

Yes, but don't keep it in the jug or carton.

Why are mountaintops in the Philippines not covered with snow?

Because Philippines is above the Equator that is directly heated by the sun....:)

How do you use the heated outside mirrors?

so they dont fog up. and u can see

How do you cook a steak that has already been cooked?

Low heat (or microwave, well covered) to warm it right through (check that it is heated through, for your safety) and then high heat in a pan over oil or butter with a pinch of sugar, to sear the outside and give a caramelized finish.

Where is button for the mirror heaters on a 2004 f250?

According to the 2004 Ford F-250 Owner Guide the heated outside mirrors are heated automatically , there is no switch to turn on

What changes takes place when bimetallic strip is heated?

actually what happen is that the strip is curved to the outside

Can guppies live all year in outside pond?

unless it is regularly cleaned and heated to 24degrees, no.

What is heated glass on passenger mirror?

The heated, outside rear-view mirrors will warm up when the rear window defroster is turned on. That provides for effective snow & ice melting from the mirrors.

Is there any proper way to install and insulate a shower valve in outside wall applications or should it be avoided at all costs?

In general, you should avoid putting plumbing on the outside wall if you live in a freezing climate. If you MUST use the outside wall, insulate heavily to the outside and do not insulate between the pipe and the heated area of the house and leave a space for heated inside air to ciculate around the pipes.

What is considered an open fire?

An "open flame" refers to flame, usually used as a heating source, that is directly exposed to the outside elements, or often the object to be heated. Examples would include a Bunsen burner, a bonfire, or in some cases grills. The opposite would include heating elements that do not directly openly expose the flame, such as old stoves or heating elements.

What is heated door mirrors?

Heated mirrors that are attached to your doors. "Door" simply tells you where the mirrors are located. As opposed to the inside "rear view mirror".With heated outside mirrors it will keep condensation and snow from building up on the mirror and you not being able to see next to you.

Do any matter expand when cooled and contract when heated?

Sort of. In the temperature range of 0-4 Degrees Celsius water contracts when heated and expands when cooled. Outside of this temperature range it behaves normally.