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During the period of the Etruscan occupation and rule of Rome.
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Roman numerals evolved over a long period, but are thought to have derived from the Etruscan tally-stick method of counting, However the Etruscans inherited from the Greeks, placing it as early as the 8th century BCE. It is not known when the system we use today first came into use, however the Middle Ages saw a change in the notation that replaced D and M with modifications to their original symbols to allow a greater range of numbers (millions) than the standard notation permits (1-3999). This notation is seldom used, however, as Roman numbers are typically only used for values below 4000 (which is more than adequate to denote a year in the common era).
Roman numerals were first used around the 4th century BC, although the system we're familiar with today didn't appear until around the 1st century AD.

[EDIT: irrelevant to question] The numbers we use today (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) are called Arabic Numerals. They were first used by the Chinesse people of China long ago as 3000BC. Over time they were refined and the all important 'zero' was developed. The Arabs were the bridge that brought this numbering system over to Europe from the 600's onwards. The earliest record we have of their use in Europe is in 976. Because the Europeans learn't of this system from the Arabs they became known as Arabic numerals. and this information is from copper ridge school in AZ...... :):):)
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Q: When were Roman numerals first used?
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What year were Roman Numerals first used?

it was used when the Romans were still around that's why its called Roman Numerals

Where was Arabic first used?

in roman numerals

When was the system of Roman numerals first used?

Roman numerals came into use in the 4th Century BC. They originated from etruscan numerals but the symbols were changed. They were used for mathematics.

Where were roman numerals first used?

Rome in the 8th century.The Roman Empire

What is Mpcplxxx in Roman Numerals?

P is not used in Roman numerals.

What where roman numerals used for?

Roman numerals were used for writing numbers in ancient rome.

How are Roman Numerals related to Roman science?

Numerals are used for mathematical calculations. Mathematical calculations are used in science. This is the way Roman numerals related to Roman science.

How do you write 360 in roman numerals?

CCCLX is the number 280 in roman numerals. This number is used to represent what roman used to write.

Were roman numerals used in Medieval Times?

Yes, roman numerals were used in medieval times.

Are roman numerals still used today?

Yes, Roman Numerals are still used today. Sometimes, it is used in libraries and charts. Here is a chart with Roman Numerals. I. Jobs and Education 1. Education A. Roman Numerals II. Jobs

Write the first 50 Roman numerals?


How were roman numerals used?

Roman numerals are used as numbers. For example, the roman numeral for the number one is an I. The system can be used for any number.