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Rafael Bombelli defined imaginary numbers in 1572, and Descartes named them 'imaginary' in 1637. It wasn't until the work of Euler in the 1700's that a usefulness for imaginary numbers was found, though. See the Wikipedia articles I linked for some good information on imaginary and complex numbers. I also linked an explanatory video that is pretty good as well.

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Q: When were imaginary numbers invented?
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Who invented imaginary numbers?

There is no one person who invented it there are several people who had contributed.

Are imaginary numbers irrational numbers?

No. Irrational numbers are real numbers, therefore it is not imaginary.

Where did complex and imaginary numbers come from?

The 16th century Italian mathematician, Gerolamo Cardano was the first to use imaginary and complex numbers in his work on cubic equations.

Which of these sets of numbers is not a subset of the real numbers irrational integer rational and imaginary?

Imaginary numbers are not a subset of the real numbers; imaginary means not real.

Can a complex number be imaginary?

Yes, imaginary numbers are a subset of complex numbers.

What is the difference between imaginary numbers and complex numbers?

No difference. The set of complex numbers includes the set of imaginary numbers.

Is the imaginary unit 8i irrational?

No, it is imaginary. Irrational numbers are a subset of real numbers Real numbers and imaginary numbers are sets without any overlap.

What are imagery numbers?

imaginary numbers are numbers that are a negative square root, which is not possoble therefor it is called and imaginary number. ex the square root of -24 is an imaginary number

Which number belongs to the set of imaginary numbers 2?

2 does belong to the set of imaginary numbers. Any real number is also imaginary. Imaginary numbers are the set of all numbers that can be expressed as a +b*i where "i" is the square root of negative one and "a" and "b" are both real numbers.

Why imaginary numbers are used?

Originally, they were invented to provide solutions to algebraic equations, which would otherwise have no solution. Through the work of Euler, Gauss and others, the usefulness of imaginary and complex numbers in applications of periodic motion and waves was recognized. See related links.

Why did Carl Friedrich Gauss invent the imaginary number?

I am not sure he invented it; but the imaginary numbers were first invented to solve equations with third-degree and fourth-degree polynomials. They were at first considered an artifact to solve those problems, with no real meaning - hence the historical name "imaginary". Nowadays it is known that complex numbers (that consist of a real and an imaginary part) have lots of applications; to name only a few: electricity; quantum mechanics; art (ever seen a fractal, like the Mandelbrot set?).

The symbol for imaginary numbers is?

An imaginary number is symbolized by the letter i