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Q: When would you use a stereomicroscope?
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Indicate and describe a major way the stereomicroscope differs from the compound light microscope in terms of its use?

A stereomicroscope is 3D and a compound light microscope is 2D.

What is a stereomicroscope?

a stereomicroscope is a microscope that produces a three-demensional image

Which type of microscope would you use to view a Euglena swimming in a pond?

You could use a compound light microscope or a stereomicroscope.

What are some useful applications of stereomicroscope?


What are some useful application of a stereomicroscope?


Who invented the stereomicroscope?

Horation S. Greenough

What microscope can view opaque objects?


What type of microscope aside from the compound light microscope might you use to observe organisms found in pond water?


What type of item do you study with a stereomicroscope?

Three dimensions

Is a stereomicroscope the same as a dissecting?

Yes, I believe so

What image does stereomicroscope create?

a 3 dimentional one

Is the image inverted on a stereomicroscope?

yes 2 times!