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diffrence will always be positive except when it is zero

but is you speak of substraction operation it can be positive negative or zero

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Q: When you add two positive integers their sum is always a positive integers when you subtract two positive integers is their difference always a positive integer?
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How can you compare a positive integer to a negative integer?

All positive integers are all greater than negative integers.

When you subtract a positive integer from another integer is the difference greater than or less than the original integer?

less than

When you subtract a negative integer from a positive integer do you get a positive integer?


How do divide integers?

* The quotient of two positive integers or two negative integers is positive. * The quotient of a positive integer and a negetive integer is negetive.

The sum of a positive integer?

sum of positive integers will be a positive integer

Why is it important to add and subtract integers?

It is important to add and subtract integers: to get a new integer value in mathematics .

What is rule of addition of integers?

Rule: The sum of two negative integers is a negative integer.Rule: The sum of two positive integers is a positive integer.Procedure: To add a positive and a negative integer (or a negative and a positive integer), follow these steps:1. Find the absolute value of each integer.2. Subtract the smaller number from the larger number you get in Step 1.3. The result from Step 2 takes the sign of the integer with the greater absolute value.

When you subtract a negative integer from another integer is the difference greater than or less than the original?

To subtract a negative number is equivalent to adding a positive number. Two negatives multiplied make a positive.

What is a Rule to subtract Integers?

If I'm not mistaken its 2 of the same type of integer ( negative negative/positive positive ) equal the same type of integer EX: -1 - (-1)= -1 and if the integers are opposite ( positive negative/negative positive ) then its the sign of the higher number EX: -2 - 6 = 4

What is the sum of a negative integer from a positive integer?

subtract the negative from the positive

What is the meaning of subtract integers?

to subtract an integer, add its opposite or additive inverse.

The product of any two integers is a positive integer?

No, if a negative integer is multiplied by a positive integer, the product is negative. However, if both of the integers are either positive or negative, the product is positive.