When you calculate power what do you multiply it by?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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If you know the power you do not need to calculate it by anything. And if you don't, the answer will depend on what measure you do know!

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Q: When you calculate power what do you multiply it by?
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How do you calculate magnification?

Multiply the power of the eyepeice by the objective lense

How do you calculate absorbed power for motors?

To calculate absorbed power for motors you need to know the current draw, voltage, and power factor. Multiply the three numbers together to get power consumption.

How do you calculate power load given kva?

If you multiply kVA by Power Factor (Ranges from zero to one) you get watts which is effective power.

How do you calculate 1.04 to the 205 power?

Multiply 1.04 by itself (1.04) 205 times. The answer is about 3,103.37714

How do you calculate KWH by KW and Running Hours?

You multiply the power by time, ie kW*h

How do I multiply a fraction to a 100th power?

You can either calculate the fraction and raise the result to the 100th power or raise the numerator to the 100th power and divide it by the denominator raised to the 100th power.

What is 10000000000 to the hundredth power?

To calculate this, write the number as a power of ten, and use the fact that when you raise a power to a power, you simply multiply the exponents. (10^10)100 = 10^20

How do you calculate a power?

A number "to the power" of another number means to multiply the first number by itself however many times the second number is. Example: 43, 4 to the power of 3, means multiply 4 by itself 3 times: 4x4x4=64

How do you calculate total power in parallel?

Either (1) determine the power of each branch, and add them together, or (2) multiply the load current by the supply voltage.

How do you calculate 2 to the power of 2002?

Multiply 2 by itself 2,002 times: 2 x 2 x 2 . . . .

How do you calculate three to the third power?

You multiply three by itself three times: 3 x 3 x 3 = 27

How do you calculate overtime?

To calculate overtime, you multiply 1.5% times your hourly wage. When you get that, you multiply that times your overtime hours worked.