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The number on the bottom of the fraction bar is first, then divide that by the top number :)

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Q: When you divide fractions does the big number go first?
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How do you do improper fraction improper fractions?

you look at the big number first.

How do you make mixed fractions into decimals?

Multiply the denominator by the big number on the right, then divide by the numerator. Put the value you get over the original denominator. Once you've dont that, divide the new numerator by the original denominator and there you go!

How do you write each fractions as a mixed number in simplest form?

Divide the top number into the bottom number..when u get your ONE remainder (one you should only have one remainder don't keep going with the fraction or add a decimal) The top number is the big number to the side and the remainder is the numerator and the bottom is the dominater. And if it needs simplifying well simplify.

if you have a mixed number and it's big is it always one?

how can you divide a mixed number

How do you decide if a two-digit number is a multiple of a one digit number?

Divide the 2-digit number by the 1-digit number. If the quotient comes out a whole number, then the big one is a multiple of the small one.

How do you divide a big number by a small number?

Multiply the small number by another small number and keep doing this until you get the big number but a quicker way would to just use a calculator.

How do you do change big improper fractions into mixed numbers like 174 over 13 in a quick way?

um i would just divide really fast :p

How do you divide a big number into a smaller number?

Add enough zeros so the smaller number becomes bigger than the bigger one. It's difficult to divide 50 into 4, but it's easier to divide 50 into 4.00

Why can you divide the numerator of an improper fraction by its denominator?

because you can not divide numerator (the small number) by the a denominator (the big number) like this: 12 < not this --- 12 divided by 7 5 7 < first this the answer is 1--- 7

With a given big integer number which is the product of two prime numbers how do you find them?

First write a program to generate the prime number. After one prime number was generated, divide the big int number by the prime number. If the remainder is zero then quotient is the second prime number ( also it is important to check whether the quotient is prime number or not because sometimes you will get wrong answer). Repeat the process until you get the result.

How can you tell if the improper fraction is closer to a 0 or 1?

An improper fraction is one where the numerator is bigger than the denominator. For example 3/2 or 10/3. So if you were to divide a big number by a small number, would your answer be less than 1?

What if when you divide your rise over run it's not a whole number?

Then the gradient or slope is a fraction. That is no big deal.

What is 453 divide by 3 in big seven?

453 divide by 3 in big seven = 151

What is the scale factor used to dilate from small to big triangle?

You need numbers from the sides of the triangles. Take numbers from the corresponding (matching) sides, one number from the small triangle, and one number from the big triangle. Then divide the big number by the small number. The answer is the scale factor. Put another way, the scale factor is the number that multiplies the small triangle to create the large triangle.

How do i Simplify big algebra fractions?

It would've been better if you had some examples. There are infinite numbers of fractions

How is a mix number solved?

if its an equation then add the big numbers then add the fractions using like denominators afterwards simplify

What is the percentage if the total done was 63-28 what percentage?

divide the big number into the small number and line up the decimal point 28./63.= .444 = 44.4

What was the first big number?

one hundred

How do you put fractions in smallest to largest?

This is kind of difficult to explain in one post, but I'll give it a shot. Pretend you have a group of fractions: 1/4, 2/8, 1/2 To organize the fractions from smallest to greatest, you first have to make them all the same denominator. The denominator is the number at the bottom of a fraction. You can make all the fractions have the same denominator by multiplying the top, by the same amount you multiply the denominator (multiply the denominator into the smallest number that can be divided into every fraction's denominator) Like this. 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2.. The number that all the denominators can divide into is 8. So, to make the fractions have the denominator of 8, you have to multiply the denominator with a number that will make it 8. However, when you multiply the bottom, you must also do it to the top. It looks like this: 1x2/4x2, 3x1/8x1, 1x4/2x4 After you calculate that, it will look like this: 2/8, 3/8, 4/8. After they are all the same denominator, just order them from lowest to greatest by how big the top number is. That will look like: 2/8, 3/8, 4/8. This is because 2 is the smallest, then it's 3, then its 4. I hope that helped you understand. Another method (easier) Convert the fractions into decimals. You can use a calculator. This will allow you to sort them from smallest to largest just by comparing their decimal conversions or approximations.Example: 1/4 = .250, 3/8 = .375, 1/2 = .500. This lets you compare the fractions by comparing their relative amounts. Comparing fractions with different denominators is like comparing apples and grapes.

Is it big to small multiapla and small to big divide?

yea of course

What percentage is 180 square feet of 1600 square feet?

To get the percentage, divide the small number by the big number. This would come out to be 11.26%.

What is big 2 fourths or 1 fourths?

2/4 is greater than 1/4. When you compare fractions with like denominators, the greater numerator is the greater number.

What is one percent of 100?

1 percent means one hundredth of so you divide the "big number" (100) by 100 to convert it to a percent

Why do you use fractions in carpentry?

Measuring things accurately is a big thing in carpentry.

Why do muscle cells require multiple nuclei?

This is only to let the cells multiply, the cells first have one big nucleus, then divide into 2 small nuclei, and these then grow into 2 big nuclei. The stages are then repeated.