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the numerator

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2012-03-02 01:12:39
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Q: When you divide is the remander the whole number or the numerater?
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How do you divide a mixed fraction by a whole number?

Multiply the denominator by the whole number, or divide the numerator by the whole number

Which kind of number is divisible by 2 - odd numbers - all counting numbers - even numbers - whole numbers?

Only even numbers are divisible by two. If you have an odd number, for example 3, and divide by two, you will get 1 with a remander of 1.

What whole number will an even number always divide by?

what whole number will 8 always divide by?

What is 1.583 converted to fraction?

the answer is = 1 is the whole, 583 is the numerater and 1000 is the determinater,

How do you explain to change a mixed number to an improper fraction and how to change an improper fraction to a mixed number?

mixed # into an improper fraction: multiply the whole number by the denominator(bottom number ont he fraction) then add that number to the numberator(the top number of the fraction. and that's it! improper fraction into a mised number: divide the numberator by the denominator. whatever WHOLE number you get is your number, now for the fraction. whatever you got as the remander when you divided but that on top of the fration. ex 47/5. 5 goes into 47 9 times with a remander of 2. that equals 9 and 2/5.

How can you divide an integer with an whole number?

An integer is a whole number.

How do you get a part of the whole number?

divide it

What dies it mean to divide a whole number by a fraction?

It means exactly what it says: divide a whole number by a rational fraction.

What whole number would you divide to get 0.683?

There is no whole number that satisfies this request.

How do you know a whole number is divisible by nineteen?

Divide the number by nineteen. If the answer is a whole number, then the number is divisible.

When you divide you divide the?

The answer you get when you divide is called the quotient.It is the number on top of the whole division problem.

How do you divide fractions when there is a whole number?

you divide by the denominator and times by the numerator

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