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Q: When you draw the diagonals of a rectangle it is divided into 4 sections are these 4 sections isosceles triangles?
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What do you have to know to find the area of a parallelogram?

divide the parralelogram into three sections--a rectangle and two triangles and find the area of each (triangle is 1/2 base x height) (rectangle is length times width

Why do you think that diagonals bisect each other for proving that a quadrilateral is a parallelogram?

The diagonals divide the quadrilateral into four sections. You can then use the bisection to prove that opposite triangles are congruent (SAS). That can then enable you to show that the alternate angles at the ends of the diagonal are equal and that shows one pair of sides is parallel. Repeat the process with the other pair of triangles to show that the second pair of sides is parallel. A quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel lines is a parallelogram.

What are the vertical and horizontal cross sections of a rectangular pyramid?

The vertical cross sections are trapezia or triangles. The horizontal cross sections are rectangles which are mathematically similar to the base.

What is the largest number of sections into which a rectangle can be separated when 4 line segments are drawn through the rectangle?

11, I believe.

What is the cross section of an octagonal prism?

Some cross sections are rectangle and octagon.

What does jamaica's flag look like?

Jamaica's flag has two diagonal yellow lines forming a cross on the flag, which section it off in four parts. The top and bottom sections are equal-sized green triangles, and the left and right sections are equal-sized black triangles.

You are looking for real life examples of isosceles equilateral right triangle obtuse triangle and acute triangle?

A real life example of a right-angled triangle would be a ladder leaning against a wall. And a acute triangle is an example of a umbrella. Some types of an umbrella are divided into a few sections using triangles edit by: A.B

What describes all cross sections of a square pyramid where the intersecting plane is perpendicular cut to base?

A trapezium, except that when it goes through the apex, it becomes a triangle. If the pyramid is a right pyramid, then the cross sections will be isosceles.

What two cross sections are possible when slicing a square pyramid vertically?

A trapezium or a triangle. If the pyramid is a right pyramid then they would both be isosceles.

How can you use triangles to find the area of circle?

If you draw your triangles using the centre of the circle as one vertex and two more on the circumference, the area of the circle is approximately equal to the sum of the areas of the triangles; the smaller you make the triangles, the more accurate your result will be.

How do you divide a square into four sections and not make triangles squares or rectangles?

Divide square into 4parts gets 4 rhombus shapes

What are the rectangle chambers in the Panama Canal?

Locks, they are needed in any canal that is not entirely level and divide it into level sections thus acting as "water elevators" for ships raising or lowering them between these sections.