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... plotted accurately.

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Q: When you graph linear equations by plotting points the points you plot should all be what?
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Why should you clear decimals when solving linear equations and inequalities?

It makes it allot less confusing. But, that is just my opinion.

What does the word graph mean in algebra terms?

It means that you should draw the equation (or set of points) given by plotting it on a two-dimensional coordinate plane.

What is linear algebra used for?

Linear algebra is used to analyze systems of linear equations. Oftentimes, these systems of linear equations are very large, making up many, many equations and are many dimensions large. While students should never have to expect with anything larger than 5 dimensions (R5 space), in real life, you might be dealing with problems which have 20 dimensions to them (such as in economics, where there are many variables). Linear algebra answers many questions. Some of these questions are: How many free variables do I have in a system of equations? What are the solutions to a system of equations? If there are an infinite number of solutions, how many dimensions do the solutions span? What is the kernel space or null space of a system of equations (under what conditions can a non-trivial solution to the system be zero?) Linear algebra is also immensely valuable when continuing into more advanced math topics, as you reuse many of the basic principals, such as subspaces, basis, eigenvalues and not to mention a greatly increased ability to understand a system of equations.

Why should you clear fractions and decimals when soloving linear equations?

There is absolutely no REQUIREMENT to do so. It is simply that many people prefer to work with whole numbers.

What are the possible solutions for a system of equations?

The system of equations can have zero solutions, one solution, two solutions, any finite number of solutions, or an infinite number of solutions. If it is a system of LINEAR equations, then the only possibilities are zero solutions, one solution, and an infinite number of solutions. With linear equations, think of each equation describing a straight line. The solution to the system of equations will be where these lines intersect (a point). If they do not intersect at all (or maybe two of the lines intersect, and the third one doesn't) then there is no solution. If the equations describe the same line, then there will be infinite solutions (every point on the line satisfies both equations). If the system of equations came from a real world problem (like solving for currents or voltages in different parts of a circuit) then there should be a solution, if the equations were chosen properly.

Why doesn't the data points always fall on the line you draw on a graph?

There can be a few reasons. One reason is that the line is wrong, either it has been placed wrong or it is the wrong type of line (linear when it should be exponential) there may even be no line to fit the pattern. Another reason is that simply the real world data points don't fit a correlation exactly, this is why the line is referred to as a "line of best fit" it is the best representation from the data points. One last reason is that the data is wrong either by a plotting error or some other error in the data collection.

What are some equations that are not balancing?

all equations balance as the theory of conservation of mass states that no mass should be lost, so all equations should balance

What is newton-raphson formula for finding roots of non linear equations?

The Newton-Raphson method works if the equations are differentiable over the domain. Let f(x) be the non-linear equation and f'(x) by its derivative [with respect to x]. Start with a reasonable guess at the answer, x0. Then calculate the sequence xn+1 = xn - f(xn)/f'(xn) for n = 0, 1, 2, … The N-R method should converge to a root.

What math courses does a restaurant owner need?

A restaurant owner would most likely find a use for algebra and should be able to solve systems of linear equations (which should be taught in either Algebra or early Algebra II). Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Geometry, and beyond will probably be useless.

How do you measure a hypothenuse?

it should be your c value in equations

Solve this system of equations using the addition method x plus y equals 6?

When talking about a "system of equations", you would normally expect to have two or more equations. It is quite common to have as many equations as you have variables, so in this case you should have two equations.

How exactly does MATLAB plotting work?

MATLAB is a software program that helps people with doing math. More specifically, it helps people with visualization, programming, and computation. MATLAB plotting should be done in plot edit mode.