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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: When you have an algebraic equation with a set of numbers inside a parentheses what do you do to these numbers?
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When you have a set of numbers inside parentheses in an algebraic equation what do you do with these numbers?

This is the part of the equation that you solve first. for example: 4x4+(6-2)= you subract 6-2=4 then 4x4=16 then 16+4=20

When solving an algebraic equation which operands do you perform first?

In algebra, you perform the operations inside parentheses first.

When you individually multiply the numbers inside the parentheses by the factor outside the parentheses what are you applying?

the distributive law

What are the parentheses or the brackets for in math?

Parentheses separate calculations to be performed independent of a larger equation. The resulting quantity then becomes subject to whatever other calculation is established outside the parenthese within that equation. Parentheses within parentheses work the same way, beginning with the most interior groupings until ultimately everything inside the outer parentheses becomes a single quantity.

When using numbers in parentheses to show sequence do you include a period inside the parentheses?

No. Typically, you will only put ending punctuation (in this case, a period) if the sentence within the parentheses is a complete sentence.

Can you put parentheses inside parentheses?

Yes you can. In algebraic problems, you see them quite often. Example:2x+4(y(2-7))-2This means that you first must subtract 7 from 2, and thenmultiply it by y.

How many terms will you have inside the parentheses after you factor out the gcf?

After you factor out the GCF, you will have as many as terms inside the parentheses as you had before.

When is a period put inside Parentheses?

Use a period inside a parenthetical when the full sentence inside the parentheses ends.

Explain how to translate the phrase into an algebraic expression.four times the difference of eight and a number?

Sample Response: Replace key words with variables, numbers, and operations. The words โ€œfour timesโ€ means multiplication by 4. The words โ€œthe difference ofโ€ means subtraction inside of parentheses. The subtraction inside the parentheses will be 8 โ€“ n because that is the order they appear in the phrase. The expression is 4(8 โ€“ n). Check any that you included in your response. Replace key words with variables, numbers, and operations. The words โ€œfour timesโ€ means multiplication by 4. The words โ€œthe difference ofโ€ means subtraction inside of parentheses. The subtraction inside the parentheses will be 8 โ€“ n because that is the order they appear in the phrase. The expression is 4(8 โ€“ n).

What is the definition of the mathematical phrase Associative Property?

Rearranging the parentheses in such an expression will not change its value, No mater what numbers are inside.

What is the definition of the Distributive Property?

A property indicating a special way in which multiplication is applied to addition of two or more numbers in which each term inside a set of parentheses can be multiplied by a factor outside the parentheses.

What are brackets inside parentheses called?


The process of multiplying a number outside a set of parentheses to everything inside the parentheses is called?

distributive property

What are nested parentheses?

Nested parentheses are sets of parentheses inside sets of parentheses, where a set of parentheses refers to a left parenthesis and a right parenthesis. This is an example of nested parentheses: The mohel (a man who performs a bris (circumcision)) was setting up his equipment on the table.

Does a period go after or before parentheses?

A period would go inside parentheses to finish a complete sentence, but you always need sentence-ending punctuation outside of the parentheses.

Do you put a period inside or outside a parentheses?

put it outside.

Explain brackets in order of operation?

Brackets are basically the same as parentheses. If they are inside of parentheses, then you simplify that term before anything else. If they are outside of parentheses, then you simplify the terms in the parentheses first and then the term within the brackets.

When taking information from a reference book what Information must go inside the parentheses?

When taking information from a reference book, what two bits of information must go inside the parentheses

How many atoms are in C8H16?

24: The answer to the number of atoms present in a formula that does not include parentheses is always the sum of all the subscript numbers in the formula plus one for each type of atom shown without a subscript. If the formula does contain parentheses, all the subscript numbers inside the parentheses should be multiplied by the subscript number after the closing parenthesis itself before the sum of all subscripts is taken.

Can you have a bracket inside a bracket?

Use parentheses, then brackets, then parentheses, then brackets, and so on. Word (word [word], word [word (word)])

Are brackets in parenthesis or vise versa?

Parentheses are usually placed inside brackets.

When you remove the parentheses are the signs of the terms in the second parentheses opposites?

When you have a minus sign in front, to remove parentheses each of the terms inside the parentheses changes sign. Example:a - (b - c + d) = a - b + c - d

What do you do with a decimal that is in parentheses and it is squared?

The first thing I would do would be to multiply the decimal by itself, then write theresult inside the parentheses, get rid of the original decimal in there, and throw awaythat little 2 after the parentheses.

What does the number inside the parentheses in a chemical formula tell you?

Do you mean this? (NH4)2CO3 It means that there are 4 atoms of hydrogen in one molecule of ammonium, as all sub scripted numerals do in chemical formulas, the the 2 on the outside of the parentheses means multiply the outside subscript by the inside numbers to get full atom count. Remember, this is implied; N1.

What is the percentage by mass of nitrogen in ammonium phosphate NH43PO4. Remember a subscript outside parentheses is multiplied by every subscript inside the parentheses?