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Not necessarily. If it is the same radical number, then the signs cancel out. Radical 5 times radical 5 equals 5. But if they are different, then you multiply the numbers and leave them under the radical sign.

Example: radical 5 * radical 6 = radical 30

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Q: When you multiply a radical number with another radical number do the radical signs cancel each other out?
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Change a mixed radical to an entire radical?

you have to square the outside number and then multiply it by the number inside the squareroot sign.

How do you cancel out a fraction?

Multiply the fraction by the same number.

When you multiply a positve number by a negative number what is the sign of the answer?

negative. When you multiply, if there are an odd number of negative signs, the answer is negative. If there are an even number of negative signs, the answer is positive. Or another way to think of this is that two negative signs cancel each other out when multiplying.

What is radicand?

-The radical is the symbol that represents a square root. -The radicand is the number underneath the radical symbol. -The coefficient is the number out in front of the radical. (We assume that the coefficient multiplies the radical, the same way it would multiply with a variable.)

How do you evaluate a radical?

There are three steps on how to evaluate a radical. Some of the step-by-step instructions are multiply two radicals with the same index number by simply multiplying the numbers beneath the radicals, divide a radical by another radical with the same index number by simply dividing the numbers inside, and simplify large radicals using the product and quotient rules of radicals.

What happens when ninth root of a number is raised to the ninth power?

The power and the root cancel each other out and the result is the radicand (the number under the radical sign).

What is a multiplyer?

a multiplier is a number that you multiply by another number

What is another word for square root?

A number to the second power.

How do you find multiples of a number?

Multiply the number by another number and the product is the multiple

What happens when you multiply a number by a decimal?

You usually get another number!

Can you multiply a number to another number with a variable?

yes, you actually can do this!

Is the product of a complex number and its conjugate a real number?

Yes. If you multiply X + iY by X - iY you get X2 + Y2. The imaginary parts cancel out.