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When you multiply two numbers the outcome is called the product.

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Q: When you mutilpy two numbers the outcome is?
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What is the outcome of two multiplied numbers?

Their product.

When you minus two numbers the outcome is a?


What is the outcome of multiplying two numbers called?

the product

Is the product of any two whole numbers?

the product is the outcome of multiplying 2 numbers, whole, decimal or integers.

In algebra 1 what is a product?

A product is the outcome when two numbers are multiplied together.

What is the product of any two odd numbers?

The product of any two odd numbers is an odd number. The product means that it is the outcome of a multiplication. 3 * 5 = 15, 5 * 7 = 35.

What is the outcome called of multiplied numbers?

The product

What are the possible outcome numbersAre the Are the numbers equally likelyExplain?

The possible outcome numbers depend on the experiment. The numbers may or may not be equally likely. For example, the outcome space for the gender of a child is Male or Female (or Boy or Girl). The probability of a boy is 0.52 and that of a girl is 0.48: these are not equal.

Definition of product in math terms?

The definition of a product is the outcome number of two or more numbers that have been multiplied by each other.

What is a closed set of numbers?

A set of number with a defined operation (e.g. addition, multiplication etc.), such that the outcome of the operation between any two numbers is also a member ot the set.

How do you multiply and divide negative numbers?

Two negative numbers divided or multiplied together results in a positive outcome. For example: -8/-2 = 4 and -9*-3 = 27

What are the outcome codes to your super boyfriend?

All the numbers change

What the two fifth of 20?

to find one fifth devide by 5 20/5 = 4 then mutilpy by 2 to get 2 fifths 4 x 2 = 8

When are two events considered to be independent?

The outcome of either event does not depend on the outcome of the other.

What are the two numbers If the sum of two numbers is 8 The difference of two numbers is 2 What are the two numbers?


What is 144 1211610036?

They are two numbers.They are two numbers.They are two numbers.They are two numbers.

What is 9.6 8.4?

They are two numbers.They are two numbers.They are two numbers.They are two numbers.

What is the outcome of mitisis?

The outcome of mitosis is two daughter cells with nuclei identical to the parent cell.

What is two events in which the outcome of one event does not affect the outcome of the other event?

Dependent event :)

What 3 numbers add up to 92?

Start with 1, 2 as the first two numbers. Subtract those numbers from the original number. The remaining number is one possible outcome. Dont be a dingus next time.

What does actual results mean?

Actual outcomes means, to have a certain amount of numbers and, that you choose and to find the normal outcome of those numbers you chose. ( can be any numbers )

What are 5 and -5?


How do you get nine divided into prime numbers?

By dividing it by a number that will make the outcome prime.

The product of two posotive numbers or two negative numbers is?

The product of two positive numbers or two negative numbers is a positive number.

What is the LCM of two numbers is t (always sometimesnever) he product of the two numbers?

The LCM of two numbers is sometimes the product of the two numbers.