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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: When you reverse the digits in a certain two-digit number you increase its value by 9 Find the number if the sum of its digits is 7?
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Dan found a twodigit odd number. one of its digits was half the other. the number was greater than 50. what was it?


What is 72 reverse the digits divide by 3?

72 reverse the digits divide by 3 = 24

When a certain 2 digit number is added to another two digit number having the same digits in reverse order?


Recursive function to reverse the digits of an integer?

how to use recursive function to top level child reverse

How can you generate a palindrome from a given number?

You write the number and then follow it with the digits in reverse order.

I am a three digit number. The sum of my digits is 18. When I reverse my digits and subtract the new number from the original number you get 99. What number I am?

whats the answer please??

What is the Algorithm for reverse a given number?

Assuming you want to reverse the digits of the number: numToReverse <- the number we want to reverse revNum <- new number as numToReverse is reversed while numToReverse is not 0 // shift digits left revNum = revNum * 10 // tack on rightmost digit of numToReverse revNum = revNum + (numToReverse modulus 10) // shift digits right numToReverse = numToReverse / 10 // numToReverse is now 0 // revNum is now the reverse of (the original value of) numToReverse

What term refers to all the certain digits and one uncertain digit in a measurement?

A term Significant Figure refers to all the certain digits and one uncertain digit in a measurement.

If 27 is added to a twi digit number the result is a number with the same digits but in reverse order The sum of the digits is 11 What is the original number?


What does reverse the digits mean?

you just carry the first number and add 5 to the second number

What pattern do you see in the first 9 multiples of 9?

The tens digits increase by one, while the ones digits decrease by one.

What is the current inflation rate in Thailand?

8.0%, expected to increase to double digits.

What is a increase decimal button?

It displays numbers with more digits after the decimal point.

The sum of the digits of a two digit number is 7 if the digits are reversed the new number will be 27 less than the original number. find the number?

the answer is 25 and then if you reverse that it is 52

A number consisting of three different digits is subtracted from a number made up of the same digits in reverse order?

Your answer is, depending on the order of your subtraction, either positive or negative 198

10.) A two-digit number is prime. When you reverse the digits, that number is also prime. What could the number be List three possibilities.?

Some numbers that you can get when you reverse the digits and they are still prime numbers are: 403 รท 13 = 31 2,701 รท 37 = 73 1,207 รท 17 = 71

What are self complimentary codes?

Self complimentary codes are codes which after certain number of digits extends itself by taking the compliment of the previous digits.

Are there certain digits that always appear in the ones place in even numbers?


How man odd numbers between 100 and 500 remain the same when the digits are written in reverse order?


How many numbers does a credit card normally have?

Hi its 16 digits in most of the cards, except AMEX & certain International cards with 15 digits.

What happens to the digits to the left of the place being rounded?

If your target digit is a 9 and rounding makes it increase, the digit immediately to the left of it will increase by one. If that digit is a nine, the same thing applies. Otherwise, the digits to the left of the target are left as they were.

What does it mean to reverse the digits in a number?

Instead of reading the numbers from left to right (1234) read them from right to left (4321).

What is the significance of the number 281 828 172?

They are the first nine digits of e (the base for natural logs), in reverse order.

How many two-digit prime numbers can you find that are still prime when you reverse the digits?

61 42 56 89

What 5 digit number when multiplied by 4 yields the number the same five digits in reverse order?

The number is 21978. 21978 when multiplied by 4 which gives the result 87912 which is in reverse order.