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18 and 17.

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Q: When you subtract one square number from another square number and it equals 35 what are the two squared numbers?
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When you subtract 2 square numbers the answer is twelve?

4 squared minus 2 squared equals 12

How can you find the area of a rectangle if the given is the perimeter and the diagonal?

First divide the perimeter by 2 then subtract the diagonal from this. The number left with must equal two numbers that when squared and added together equals the diagonal when squared (Pythagoras' theorem) These numbers will then be the length and height of the rectangle.

What are the numbers you subtract called?

In subtraction, the minuend minus the subtrahend equals the difference.

If x equals 2 and y equals 8 what is the difference?

To find the difference between two numbers, subtract them.

The difference between two positive numbers is 5 and the sum of their squares is 233 what are the numbers?

Those numbers would be 13 and 8. 13 squared + 8 squared This is equal to: 169 + 64 which equals 233 And finally, 13 - 8 equals 5.

What are squared numbers?

a number multiplied by itself equals the square number. Example; 4 x 4 = 16 4 square equals 16. 16 is the squared number.

Is this equation linear X squared plus y squared equals 4?

No because no 2 numbers can be squared to equal 4. 1 squared is 1 2 squared is 4 so the lowest answer is 5.

What squared numbers when rounded to the nearest hundred equals 200?

169, 196, 225

What is the domain of y equals x squared plus nine?

all real numbers

What are the two numbers called that you subtract to get the difference?

In subtraction, the minuend minus the subtrahend equals the difference.

Does a negative squared equal a positive or negative?

A negative number squared equals a positive number. When multiplying, odd numbers of negatives result in a negative answer, and even numbers of negatives result in a positive answer.

What two squared numbers divided equals 45?

None. The ratio of two square numbers is itself a square number. 45 is not.

Which two whole numbers are between the square root of 10?

3 squared equals 9. 4 squared equals 16. So the square root of 10 must be between 3 and 4.

What is 30 squared plus B squared equals 78 squared?

First you square root everything on both sides to cancel the squares. 30+B=78 Then subtract 30 from both sides to get B=48. So the answer is B=48

What is the length of the shorter leg of a right triangle if the longer leg has a length of 45 and the hypotenuse has a length of 53?

Subtract the squared longer leg's squared length from the hypotenuse's square to obtain the squared shorter leg length. Then find the square root of that answer for your final answer. In other words: 53 squared minus 45 squared equals your squared answer.

How do you work out numbers squared?

A number squared is just that number times itself. For example four squared is four times four equals sixteen (42 = 4 x 4 = 16).

What number squared equals 30?

5.477225575 squared equals 30.

Two numbers that's do not equal each other but the first number squared equals the first number and the second numbered squared equals the first number and they do not equal zero or one what is number?

"First number squared equals the first number". This must be 1, but "they do not equal zero or one". No solution possible.

What does pi numbers mean?

Pi (3.14) times the radius of a circle squared, equals the circumference of a circle.

What is a squared plus b squared equals c squared when a equals 2 and c equals 6?

b = sqrt32 or 4 root 2

If A squared plus B squared equals C squared and C equals 8 and A and B are the same length what are A and B?


Assuming A squared plus b squared equals c squared and a equals 10 and b equals 30 what is c?

C equals the square root of 1000 or 31.622776601683793319988935444327...

What is 66 squared?

66 squared equals 4,356.

What is 61 squared?

61 squared equals 3,721.

What is 93 squared?

93 squared equals 8,649.