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Q: Where on the psychometric is the volume scale?
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What is the Linkert scale used for?

The Likert scale is a psychometric scale commonly involved in research that gives its participants questionnaires. It is the approach to scaling responses in survey results.

What is a psychometric property?

When we refer to the psychometric properties of a measure, we’re talking about what exactly?

Does a scale measure volume?

No, a scale measures weight. A measuring cup, for example, measures volume.

How do you find a scale factor in math?

To find the scale factors of two objects, you need to compare the ratios of things like their sizes, areas, volumes, and length. For example, if one is given a volume of 7 for a shape, and a second shape has a volume of 14, you have to compare the volume ratio of these two shapes to find the scale factor. This scale factor is 1 to 2, or the volume of the second shape is twice the first one. Scale factors are useful for scale drawings.

What is a molecular scale for pressure volume effect?

volume scales as L3

Do Spring scale's measure mass or volume?

Spring scale measures neurons and grams (mass not volume)) hope i helped

Unit for measuring the volume of sound?

Decibels are the scale used for measuring the volume of sounds.

What is Psychometric instruments?

I have absolutely no idea.

How useful is psychometric testing?


The oldest approach to investigating human intelligence is?


What is used to measure the solid volume?

A scale A metre stick

Can a spring scale measure volume?


How do you measure the amount of water vapor in the air?

Water Vapor in the air is measured using a sling psychrometer and the psychometric scale. Also, if you know the humidity and dry bulb temperature, you can use this scale to determine this as well. On the chart, you are looking for the numbers on the right side... Grains of Water in the air. Use the meter to get wet bulb temp, and a thermometer to get dry bulb temp. Find where they intersect and go directly right on the scale to find the grains of water. With the humidity, you will notice it goes from left to right, sweeping upwards in an arc. Find where the dry bulb temp and humidity intersect and once again go directly right to see the grains of water in the air. You can find this scale with use of Google Image Search for "psychometric scale".

What is the difference between a measuring spoon and a scale?

scale measures force and/or mass; spoon measures volume

What does a psychometric test evaluate?

A psychometric test is used to evaluate a person's personality, intelligence, and personal aptitude. The test is mainly given to people who are applying for certain jobs.

How can we measure mass and volume?

by a gradutaiaded cylinder and a scale

What is a Three dimensional scale model of earth?


What is a three-dimensional scale model of earth?


What is three dimensional scale model of earth?


What are psychometric and skills testing programs?

Psychometric testing refers to the process of measuring a candidate's relevant strengths and weaknesses. This form of measurement is primarily employed to assess employment suitability, including company-candidate fit. The aim of psychometric tests is gain an accurate bearing of the candidate's cognitive abilities and personality/behavioural style.

What the mass of a material in a given volume called?

It is the mass in that volume. There is no special name unless the volume happens to be a unit volume on some measurement scale.

What is the meaning of scale division?

The scale divisions indicate the value of measuring units of volume, temperature, pressure, etc.

Cone X has a volume of 100cm cubed. Cone Y is an enlargement of Cone X by scale factor 2. Calculate the volume of cone Y?

Remember, that the scale for volume is always cubed..... so you would want to take 100 x 100 x 100 to find the enlarged volume. The volume of the enlarged cone would be 1,000,000 cm cubed The answer given is incorrect. In order to work out the enlarged volume, you should take the original volume and multiply this by the linear scale factor cubed. In this case, the correct answer would be 800cm cubed, arrived at by taking the original volume of 100cm. cubed, and multiplying by the scale factor (2) cubed; 2 x2 x2 = 8.

Psychological scale ssais-r sub test?

The ssais-r is the senior south African individual scale - revised. It is a psychometric test which assesses general intellectual functioning across verbal and nonverbal domains. It has 9(+2) subtests that are administered to 7 - 16 year olds to determine the range in which their intellectual functioning falls.

What fraction of the volume is the steroe playing the radio is at 4 and there is a total of 5?

The volume on a stereo is usually not a linear scale but graduated in decibels or on a power scale and the answer depends on which of the two.