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Q: Where are calculators made?
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What are annuity calculators used for?

Annuity calculators are used to calculate the returns on investments made in annuities.

Where are sharp calculators made?


What are calculators made of?

Plastics and metals mainly

What country did calculators get invented?

The first calculator was made in Hawaii

What are the different types of calculators?

Calculators help in making technical math problems easy. The three most common types of calculators are handheld calculators, printing calculators, and scientific calculators.

What words can be made out of these letters aaouccllrst?

Calculators, among many others.

Are all calculators in India solar calculators?

no there are no solar calculators in india

What is made out of solar energy?

solar energy is from the sun, just like calculators

How many calculators made each year?

As many as your mom has something or other

When was caculators invented?

calculators were invented during the paleozoaic era, it was made of rock back then

Are calculators made in Texas?

Yes, and Texas Instrument is located in the northern DFW area.

Where can I find investment calculators?

The best investment calculators, and general finance calculators, are all found online at This is the best website for calculators, in my personal opinion.

What does fitness calculators means?

Fitness calculators

Are any calculators water proof?

There are some water-resistant calculators, but waterproof calculators are very hard to come by.

What are calculators use in the accounts office for?

simple calculators

Where can I find financial calculators online?

A website called Mini Web Tool has a long list of financial calculators online. They have mortgage calculators, auto loan calculator, calculate interest calculators, credit card calculator, ROI calculators, profit to sales ratio calculator, and many more. They have calculators for almost every need.

What are the kinds of calculator?

Well an regular calculator a tip calculator for bills handheld calculators graphing calculators and plus calculators

Where can I find a calculator to determine the interest on my CD?

I use the calculators at Bankrate. It is a great site that compares interest rates among different banks. They also have calculators which determine your interest rate and how much you've actually made.

When was Primitive Calculators created?

Primitive Calculators was created in 1978.

Are there calculus calculators?

There are calculus calculators, such as the TI-200 Voyage.

How have calculators changed over time?

Calculators have changed drastically the first calculator was an abacus. The Arithmometer (1820) was for add, subtract, multiply, and divide. The Odhner (1875) was made by Odhner who invented a pinwheel calculator which used a hand crank to complete the computation. The Comptometer (1885) was made by Felt, he invented the first calculator using keys to push for number entry and calculations. The Standard calculator (1901) was made by Hopkins who used two rows of five buttons representing the digits 0 through 9 to perform math computations. The standard ten digit keyboard (1911) we use today was made by Sundstrand who brought the design from Sweden to the United States. The first commercial calculators (1914) began entering businesses and the use of calculators began to be popular. We have been modifying calculators a little at a time since then.

A five letter word for early calculators?

early calculators= hands

When was the computer fist made?

One of the first computers was built about 1960 (besides for calculators which were invented much earlier)

What is the uses of calculator?

You calculate basic or advanced (Trig) mathematical equations. On some graphing calculators, programs can be made.

Are there amortization calculators that I can use with excel?

I recommend as an excellent website for amortization calculators that can be used in Microsoft excel