Where are the eight sides of the octahedron?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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They comprise the surfaces of an octahedron.

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Q: Where are the eight sides of the octahedron?
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Related questions

How many sides does a octahedron?

An octahedron has eight faces - by definition.

How many sides and faces does a octahedron have?

Sides and faces are the same thing, and an octahedron has eight.

What is a sentence with octahedron?

An octahedron is a closed solid shape with eight polygonal faces.

How many sides does a dodeca octahedron have?

A "dodeca" is a prefix: it is not a shape. An octahedron has eight faces.

What is a Polyhedron with eight sides that are triangles?

Octahedron- A polyhedron with eight faces. All faces of a regular octahedron are congruent, equilateral triangles.

What does a octahedron look like?

In geometry, an octahedron is a polyhedron with eight sides. A regular octahedron is the dual polyhedron of a cube; It is a rectified tetrahedron.

How do you use octahedron in a sentence?

In geometry, a octahedron is a poly-hedron/ multi-faced shape with eight sides.

What is a polyhedron with eight sides that are equilateral triangles?

A regular octahedron.

What is an eight sided object called?

A two-dimension shape with eight sides is an octagon. A three-dimensional object with eight sides is an octahedron.

How many sides does an octahedron have?

An octahedron has 8 sides.

How many sides faces edges and vertexes does a octahedron have?

An octahedron is an eight sided polyhedron. It has eight sides or faces, 12 edges, and six vertexes. Please see the Related Link below for more information and a picture.

What has equal sides and eight faces?

A hexagon. (A six-sided shape) * * * * * A regular octahedron.