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Personal trainers in the Long Beach area are all over, including on the beach itself You can also go down Prada Avenue, where there are 20-30 personal trainers.

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Q: Where can I find a personal coach or trainer in the Long Beach Area?
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Is there a good place to find a personal fitness coach?

Yes there are great places to find a personal trainer you can phone a few gyms in your area and ask about personal trainers , or you can go to these sites I found on line , and

Looking for a personal trainer in my local area.?

There are online listings you can search through to find a personal trainer in your area. If you live in Canada you might try: If you live in the US there is: If you live elsewhere, just do a search under "personal trainer in my area" and links will come up for similar sites for your country.

Where can I find a personal trainer to hire?

You could find a personal trainer to hire by looking in your local phone book. By looking in your phone book you will be able to see if there are any personal trainers in your area.

Is there a personal trainer in the Orlando area?

There are many personal trainers within the Orlando area. Consult the yellow pages or online for the best results in seeking an advisor. Always check for credentials and others testimonies before working with a licensed trainer.

Where can I find a good personal trainer to increase my level of Fitness to a 10?

Each gym and individual trainer's have their own personal sites. An excellent idea is to make an test run appointment with a personal trainer in your local area. This will give you the chance to check their credentials and also to see if you are comfortable working with that person.

Where can I find personal trainers and prices in the Oklahoma City area?

You can find out a ton of information regarding personal trainers and their prices in the Oklahoma City area. Visit and they offer a tremendous amount of information and prices for a personal trainer in your area.

Is there a local personal trainer that can come to my house to help me get back into shape?

Yes, there are personal trainers that can come to people's houses to help them get back into shape. I'm sure there is one available in your area. If I knew where you were located, I could provide you with a great personal trainer.

How can I obtain a personal trainer certification?

There are many program which give Personal training certification. You can use google maps to search for one of these programs in your area.

What are the credentials and education needed to become a personal trainer?

There are two ways a person can become a personal trainer. One could obtain certification only. The certificate needed is called the "Personal Trainer Certification". Another option is an academic degree with certification. This is usually the better option as potential employers like to see potential employees with a vast area of knowledge.

Where can you find a personal trainer?

One of the best ways to get in contact with a personal trainer is to ask others for a referral to one they use and trust. If that is not an option then one can look for a personal trainer from ads, at a personal training studio, or at a gym.

What is the average annual salary of a personal trainer?

Depends on what city/ area the job is located. Average for my area (San Bernardino County) is between 45k and 60k.

How do I become a certified personal trainer?

First you need to start working out in the gym and once you are familier with the exercise you can join a fitness academy or best fitness institute in your area. During your certification course you will be learning about human anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics and many more.When you follow both the things properly then you are eligible to become a certified fitness trainer or a certified personal trainer.