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On a USA one dollar bill

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Q: Where can I see a picture of trapezoid?
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Where can you find pictures of trapezoids?

See related link for a picture of a trapezoid.

How is parallelogram different trapezoid?

I'm pretty sure you can see the difference, but a parallelogram has four parallel sides, and a trapezoid has none. Search up a picture of both on Google Images, and you'll be able to see.

What has one pair of parelell lines and two right angles?

A trapezoid, although not all trapezoids will have two right angles. See the related link for a picture.

What is the a definition and picture of an isosceles trapezoid?

isosceles triangle is a 3-sides triangle

Can you show me a right trapezoid?

____________ / | /_____________ | Crappy drawing, I know, but a right trapezoid has two right angles(right side of picture), and two supplimentary non-right angles(left side of drawing). This is still a trapezoid because in order to be a trapezoid, there must be one and only one pair of parallel lines, and four sides. That's it, thus this is a possible trapezoid.

Can I see a picture?

can I see a picture of mall

Given the median and trapezoid MOPN what is the value of x?

In order to answer that question, we need to see the drawing. Without it, we don't know how 'x' is related to the trapezoid.

Can you see a picture now?

No, I can't see any picture.

Is a trapezoid always an isosceles trapezoid?

No, not every trapezoid is an isosceles trapezoid.

Can you show what a trapezoid looks like?

See the related links for pictures of trapezoids.

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