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isosceles triangle is a 3-sides triangle

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Q: What is the a definition and picture of an isosceles trapezoid?
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Is a trapezoid always an isosceles trapezoid?

No, not every trapezoid is an isosceles trapezoid.

Can an isosceles trapezoid be a parallelogram and why?

No. A parallelogram by definition has two pairs of parallel sides. A trapezoid by definition has only one pair of parallel sides.

What trapezoid is a trapezoid with congruent legs?

An isosceles trapezoid

What method proves a trapezoid isosceles?

A trapezoid can be proven isosceles by proving that the 2 legs are congruent (by definition), or that the 2 base angles (either upper or lower) are congruent.

Is a square an isosceles trapezoid?

Nope A square is a parallelogram By definition a trapezoid is a quadrilateral with only one pair of sides parallel

Is an isosceles trapezoid symmetrical?

Yes, an isosceles trapezoid is symmetrical.

How is an isosceles triangle related to an isosceles trapezoid?

how is an isoscelels trapezoid related to a isosceles triangle

How many congruent angles does an isosceles trapezoid have?

By definition, all trapezoids must have one pair of parallel sides. Therefore, an isosceles has one pair of congruent angles.

What is the same about an isosceles triangle and an isosceles trapezoid?

In an isosceles triangle and an isosceles trapezoid, both base angles are congruent

The diagonal an isosceles trapezoid are what?

The diagonals of an isosceles trapezoid are equal in lengths

Difference with trapezoid and isosceles trapezoid?

If the two sides which are not parallel have equal lengths, then the trapezoid is called an isosceles trapezoid (standard trapezoid has unequal sides). The base angles in an isosceles trapezoid are equal in measurement, also I know that a trapezoid with two nonparallel sides the same length is called an isosceles trapezoid.

How is the isosceles trapezoid related to the isosceles triangle?

If you extend the two legs of an isosceles trapezoid until they intersect, you get an isosceles triangle.