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There are a multitude of different stores where an electric log splitter can be bought. Among the places where one can purchase an electric log splitter are Lowe's, Sears, and Home Depot for all log splitting needs.

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Q: Where can an electric log splitter be bought?
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Does anyone make an electric log splitter, and what is the price & model?

Some models of electric log splitters and their prices are: McCulloch FB4052 4-Ton 2 HP Electric Log Splitter($275); Northern INDUSTRIAL Tools 65562 Northern INDUSTRIAL Electric Log Splitter 5-Ton($229); and Steele 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter($284.99); Earthquake 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter($439.00);

Log Splitter?

form_title=Log Splitter form_header=Make sure you get the best log splitter for your outdoor project! What is the amount of work you will be needing a log splitter for?*= _ [50] Do you prefer an electric or gasoline splitter?*= () Electric () Gas Are you using the logger for residential or farm use?*= () Residential () Farm

Wood Splitter?

form_title= Wood Splitter form_header = Make life easier with a wood splitter What is the amount of work you will be needing a log splitter for?*= _ [50] Do you prefer an electric or gasoline splitter?*= () Electric () Gas Are you using the splitter for residential or farm use?*= () Residential () Farm

Is there an electric starter for a log splitter?

Some log splitters offer electric start options on the units but not all of them. Take a look at a Swisher 34 ton electric start unit.

Does Log Splitter Direct sell gas log splitters?

Log Splitter Direct sells a variety of different log splitters to meet many needs. Gas log splitters are provided along with electric log splitters. These tools should only be used by individuals who know what they are doing.

Where can I gey a Task Force Log Splitter Manual?

gas task force log splitter

Can a 2500 watt generator run an electric log splitter?

usually a 2500 watt generator is 2500 max 1250 watts constant, so if you could find a 1250 watt log splitter then yes, but it is hard to find such a wimpy log splitter, usually the 5 ton ones are at least 1500 watts, a 2500 max generator might be able to hold 1500 watts for a few seconds before it cut out, so it is possible, but a 4000 watt max generator (2000 watt steady) should be able to run a log splitter that takes up to 2000 watts without any hicups. by the time you bought both the generator and the electric splitter you could just buy a gas powered splitter instead.

Can you get an on-line warrantee registration for a task force 5 ton electric log splitter?

The Task Force 5 ton log splitter warranty does not need to be registered, but you must keep your receipt for proof of purchase and date of purchase.

Where can one purchase electric log splitters?

There are many places where one would be able to purchase an electric log splitter. One could purchase this tool from online shopping websites such as Amazon or eBay.

What fluid do you use in a Task Force 5 ton electric log splitter when it is under 40 degrees?

transmission fluid

Can you tow a log splitter in CA?

You can but you may want to check the local laws if you need a light kit for your sized of log splitter.

What simple machine cuts a log?

axe or chainsaw or log splitter

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