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An MG Midget is a retro car. The model came out in 1961. The first Midgets were equipped with 948cc BMC A-series engine with only 47hp. The best way to get one of these is to get in touch with MG enthusiast because they always know if something good is out for sale.

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Q: Where can one purchase a vintage MG Midget?
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When was MG Midget created?

MG Midget was created in 1961.

Are MG Midget cars good cars?

MG Midget is a good car but it's a very small sport car that only seats two people.

Where was the MG Midget made?

The MG Midget was produced in Australia and Abingdon, England in 1961. Production stopped in 1980 with over 200,000 cars being made.

Which was the maximum speed of MG midget 4-cylinder 49HP 1962?

The maximum speed of MG midget 4cyl 49HP 1962 was 87.9 miles per hour.

Where can one go to purchase a used MG TF?

There are many places where one can go to purchase a used MG TF. One can purchase a used a MG TF by visiting popular on the web sources such as Price Right Cars and Auto Trader.

Where can one purchase a cheap MG TF?

One can purchase a cheap MG TF from Auto Trader online where there are a number of such vehicles listed. One can also purchase them from AOL Autos and ebay Motors.

What kind of car did Sally Mcmillan drive in the TV series Mcmillan and Wife?

mg 1953 TD

What kind of blue car does Ellen Page drive in the Cisco ad?

MG Midget

What kind of car does Robin Williams drive in Father's Day?

I believe it was a red mg midget

What size fuse do you use in an 1979 MG Midget?

Glass fuses for most Leyland vehicles were 25Amp.

What is the firing order of a mg midget?

1342 if it's the 1275 cc engine, with no. 1 at the front of the engine.

Where could one purchase a used MG ZS?

There are many places one might go to purchase a used MG ZS. In addition to the official brand website, one might also try purchasing from the Amazon website.

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