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Any electrical supplier should be able to get that for you. Check you local Yellow Pages for electrical suppliers.


A GDP 200 is an older type breaker that was manufactured by General Switch. It had a 10KAIC (interruption capacity). This type of distribution panel was used 40 to 50 years ago. The main breaker is almost next to non existent. The main breakers were manufactured by a different company and General Switch used them in their panels. You might look on EBay under electrical breakers. The original branch circuit breakers are also hard to find but some different brands will fit. There are some sites on the net that refurbish old breakers for your type of scenario. Safety wise it is not a good idea to mix and match breakers. You might want to consider budgeting for a distribution panel change.

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Q: Where can you find a general switch type GDP 200 amp breaker?
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What is load breaker switch?

See, type in load break switch for your answer.

What is type P circuit breaker?

For the most part, Type P, stands for push type. Instead of having a flip switch,they have a push button.

Can you use a 20 amp switch on a 15 amp breaker?

Yes- The switch just has the ability to carry a higher current then the normal 15 amp type.

What causes an electrical surging sounds be when home ac unit is running?

The wiring to the unit is either not on the right type of breaker switch or the unit is not hooked up directly to the breaker box at all.

What safety switch is used to break the flow of electricity when a circut becomes overloaded?

An electrical circuit breaker falls into this type of category.

What is type of breaker for 41 amp's?

50 amp breaker.

What is a piggyback circuit breaker?

The electrical terminology for this type of breaker is a tandem breaker. It is where two breakers circuits can be in the same one breaker slot in a distribution panel. On this type of breaker there will be two output for a circuit value of what ever the breaker is rated for.

What type panel does a 4 pole breaker require?

The panel and breaker have to be of the same manufacturer. This way the breaker will fit into the panel. If the panel has a push in bus bar, the breaker must also be the type to accept the bus bar. If the bus bars in the panel are of the bolt in type then the breaker also has to be a bolt in breaker.

What is is the difference a CA type breaker and a BR type breaker?

If you mean CA as in cChallenger brand. Type BR is interchangeable

Where to find engin management switch?

There is not an `Engine Management`switch There are computers and add on devices that can allow that type of adjustment, but it will not be a single switch

What Type of equipment of circuit breaker?

A circuit breaker is classified as electrical equipment.

What is circuit breaker and its type?

A circuit breaker(s) is what you will find inside your electrical box in your house the idea behind them is when a room in your house draws too many Amps the circuit breaker will turn off all the power to that room to re-engage them you simply switch it back on. There are many types of circuit breakers with different rattings like 15A or 100A, this tells you at what point they will 'break' the circuit and turn off the power.

Where is main breaker switch?

The main breaker switch for a home is usually located in a breaker box attached to a side wall outside the home. The breaker box is usually situated about 5-6 feet up the wall and is usually gray. The main breaker switch will be in that box. Open up the breaker box by pulling on the front bottom or side of the breaker box door. The main breaker switch is usually located near the top of all the breakers and is usually the largest. Also, it may be named, "Main". &lt;&lt;&gt;&gt; In Canada the main service disconnect is on the inside of the home, which is a more secure position so that the home can not be shut off by anyone from the outside of the home. There are two types of disconnects, one being a free standing switch that is fed from the outside meter base. These types of switches are not used much any more due to the cost factor. It usually contains fuses as an overload protection for the service. The second type of disconnect is contained within the branch circuit panel. This type of installation is known as a combination panel which housed both the main breaker and the branch circuit breakers. The top of the combination panel still obtains its feed from the outside meter base.

What is common trip breaker?

silicon type

What is an example of this general type of molecule that you could find at home?


What is the most common type of circuit breaker used?

The most common types of circuit breaker used are MCBs. (Miniature Circuit Breakers.)The most common type of breaker used in most every residence in the U.S.A. is the non-adjustable trip breaker.

How Select a type of circuit breaker?

For information on how to select a circuit breaker see the Related links shown below.

A three way switch is what type of switch?

It is a three-way switch.

Mention any two types of circuit breaker?

Type P. Type T.

What is a tandem breaker?

Tandem breakers, often called split breakers or double breakers, provide two separate circuits in the space of a regular sized breaker opening. Every circuit breaker panel has a limited number of circuit openings available. The problem is that when the openings are all used up and you still need to add another circuit, what do you do? You could change the electrical panel or double up circuits on a breaker, but this could place too much load on a particular circuit. So what then? The answer that many have found is a tandem breaker. This type breaker is the same size as any other breaker, but it has its difference. This breaker sports two smaller breakers built into one regular sized breaker. Each has its own breaker switch and the breaker snaps in just like a regular breaker. With this simple innovation, you can add a circuit and protect the circuit on its own dedicated line.

What circuit breaker will interchange with sylvania?

To answer this question the type of breaker you want to exchange needs to be stated, bolt in or plug in.

Which type of connection can use full duplex?

switch to switch, switch to host

What type of module a switch use it to modify the media type supported by a switch port?


Where can you find breakers for your general switch box?

Without knowing the brand name of the distribution panel it is hard to tell what type of breakers that you are looking for. If there is an electrical wholesaler near your location, take the sample into them for identification. They will probably be able to help you.

How do you calculate load on a breaker box?

On new installations, load calculations are based on square footage of the building. The second calculation is based on the type of equipment that is to be connected. If you want to measure the load on an existing breaker box, find the current draw coming into the box times the highest voltage coming into the breaker box and multiply them together for the total wattage of the breaker box at that moment in time.