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Try Amazon or eBay. You can also download software that will allow you to calculate using Chinese characters.

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Q: Where can you find an electronic calculator or printer calculator that uses Chinese characters instead of Western numerals?
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WHAT ARE the ancient computing devices?

ancient as in the Chinese calculator that uses beads, or as in the first electronic computer, Eniac?

Is the Chinese number system still in use?

Chinese numeral characters, which are part of the written Chinese language, are still in use. Arabic numerals are also widely used in China.

Who used Chinese numerals?

The Chinese.

Which Asian countries use characters for words and numbers?

Chinese, Japanese and Korean all use Chinese characters for words, but each of these languages use them a bit differently. All three of these languages also can use Arabic numerals or Chinese characters to write numbers. Korean and Japanese languages share many commonalities in grammar and structure. Although Korean and Japanese use a lot of Chinese characters in writing, these two languages are drastically different from Chinese.

Is Abacus a calculator?

It's an ancient Chinese calculator.

Are the abacus and the Chinese calculator the same thing?

An abacus is an ancient Chinese calculator that is still in use today.

What were Chinese characters developed from?

Chinese characters were developed from pictures!

What represented zero in ancient Chinese numerals?

There was no zero in ancient Chinese numerals. The ancient Chinese number system was not a positional system, so there was no need for a zero.

What is an acabus?

Chinese calculator

How do you spell Brian in Chinese characters?

how do you spell brian in chinese

Who make the calculator first in the world in which year?

If you're talking about any type, the abacus was the first calculator. It was made by the ChineseThere was then the large, room sized computer calculator.The electronic handheld types used today...Sorry Don't know.I remember or had some information...

How do you spell 18 in Japanese?

The number 18 may be written either using Arabic numerals (18) or Chinese characters (十八), but both are pronounced as "juuhachi".

What is zero in Chinese numerals?

It is 零 or 〇.

Does the Chinese language have an alphabet?

No, it's characters. They're 3,000 characters in the Chinese alphabet.

How do you learn simplified Chinese characters?

Currently the Chinese characters we mentioned are simplified Chinese characters, from a practical standpoint, we should learn simplified characters, traditional Chinese characters can be understood as an interest. Characters include pronunciation, font, meaning, only read the correct pronunciation, recognize the font, understand the meaning, you can really grasp a character. There are many applications that you can use to learn Chinese characters, such as MagiChinese.

What is the Chinese calculator called?

It is called an Abacus

Chinese invention of the first manual calculator?

The Chinese invention that was the first calculator was called an abacus. It was invented sometime between 2700 and 2300 BC.

Does the number been used in Chinese?

Yes, Chinese people use the Arabic numerals, and Chinese has their own numbers writing in Chinese!

How many characters in the Chinese language?

Around or over 50,000 characters exist in the Chinese language.

How many characters are there in the Chinese dictionary?

There are over 80000 characters in some big Chinese dictionaries.

How do you write sheishei in Chinese writing?

'Xie xie' meaning 'thanks' in Chinese can be pronounced as 'shei shei'. The Chinese characters can be written as '谢谢' in simplified characters or '謝謝' in traditional Chinese characters.

Who invented the first practical computer?

Texas Instruments invented the first practical, compact electronic calculator. Prior to this, however, Blaise Pascal also had the distinction of being a calculator inventor, in spite of the fact that the Chinese had been using an abacus since the ninth century.

Which year were the Chinese numeral invented?

Most Chinese numerals of later period were descendants from Shang dynasty oracle numerals of 14th century B.C. The oracle bone script numerals were found on tortoise shell and animal bones.

Who did most Chinese characters represent?

Each Chinese character represents a different word or idea. There are characters for every word in the Chinese language.

Characters in Chinese writing?

Chinese letters are called characters. the largest dictionary has 56,000 characterz.....amazing!!!