Where can you find salivia?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Where can you find salivia?
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Does salivia divinorum get you high?


Do humans have venom in their salivia?

No. Not at all.

What in salivia breaks down food?

The enzymes

Will you get aids from salivia?

No; saliva doesn't transmit the HIV virus.

How do you pass a salivia drug testwith stuff you have a home?

Avoid illegal drugs

Will a salivia test be rejected if you used mouth wash right 15 minutes before your drug test?


Who is salivia is cleaner a cat or a dog?

=they it is a dog but im not really sure.=

Antibodies are produced by what?

Plasma Cells, lymphocytes .

What is the physical change in food when it enters the esophagus?

the physical change in the change in food when the enters esophagus is when it has a chemical breakdown in your mouth with a mechanical breakdown the chemical breakdown is when your salivia is making the food moist the mechanical is when you chew the food so it easier for it to enter the esophagus and so the salivia can get it moist then your esophagus uses muscles to push the food down into your stomache

How do you lose water from your body?

By peeing, I think. Urination, perspiration, defecation, lacrimal drainage(tears), lactation and vomitus.

What causes algae in a bottle refilled with purified water?

Because you have refilled the bottle germs from your salivia could cause the bacteria to accumulate over a long period of time.. Does this help ???

What helps digest your food it grosses out of grown ups you may call it spit?

Amylase is in spit and it helps you swallow and maybe digest food, that might work.