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we can find the height of a rectangular pyramids located at the top of the base

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Q: Where can you find the height of a rectangular pyramid?
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How do you find the height of a rectangular pyramid?

The answer depends on what information is available.

What is the formula to find volume of a rectangular pyramid?

2 x Pi, divided by the height.

What is the lateral area of a rectangular pyramid?

Find th elateral area of a rectangular pyramid having height 9 , base lenght 6 and base width 7

Which shape would require more paint a rectangular pyramid or a rectangular prism?

If they have the same height, then the rectangular prism will require more paint. (Having the same height the prism will have more surface area than the pyramid).

What is the formula for a rectangular pyramid?

1/3 base x height

What is the volume of a pyramid with a 6 ft by 5 ft rectangular base and a height of base?

The height of the pyramid is not give in any meaningful way.

What is the volume a rectangular pyramid?

It is 1/3*area of base*perpendicular height.

How do you find the perpendicular height of a square based pyramid?

To find the perpendicular height of a square pyramid, first compute for the volume of the pyramid. Then divide the volume by the area of the base to find pyramid's height.

What is the given volume of a rectangular pyramid?

The volume of any pyramid or cone is given by the formula: 1/3 x base area x height For a rectangular-based pyramid: 1/3 x base width x base length x height

What do you call a pyramid with a rectangular base?

A rectangular pyramid.

How do you find the height of the rectangular prism?

Measure it.

Which geometric figure has more vertices a rectangular pyramid or trangular pyramid?

A rectangular pyramid.

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