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The CRF-250 is a popular model of Honda motorcycles. The bike can be purchased at any Honda dealership. Alternatively, used models can frequently be found on eBay and Craigslist.

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Q: Where can you purchase a CRF 250?
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Where can a person buy a Honda CRF 250?

One can purchase a Honda CRF 250 at any Honda dealer. One can also purchase one at any number of used car dealerships, as long as they have the CRF available.

What would win in a race a kx 125 or a crf 250?

yes the CRF 250 would blitz a KTM 65

Will a 08 crf 250 rear shock fit a 04 crf 250 x?

yes honda hasnt changed the crf250 design from 2004 to 2010

What is the best fuel to use in your crf 250?

vortex 98

Which motocross bike is best?

For 2008 the 450 class was the Honda CRF 450 and the 250 class was the Honda CRF 250. I understand the results for 2009 will be completely different though.

What is the Top speed on CRF 80?

80 mph is definetly too fast. i have a 05 CRF 250 and it tops at 83.

Im 17 about 5' 11 about 200 pounds should i buy a Honda crf230?

no get the crf 250 beter quality parts the 230 is like a trail bike i would get the crf 250

What does a crf stand for on a dirt bike?

CRF is just a label used by Honda in classifing the type of bike. for example Honda has lots of crf's. 50, 70, 80, 100, 150, 230, 250, 450.

How Fast Can Honda Dirt Bikes?

Depends on the model. CRF 80f will go about 40 mph, a CRF 100f will go 50-55 mph, a CRF 150F will go 60-70 mph, a CRF 250 will completley depend on the terrain and rider but the top speed is about 70 or more

Can you put a Honda 250 CRF piston into a Honda CRF 125 engine?

No, you can't. Because the two engines are not of the same size. The 250 cc engine is bigger than the 125 cc engine, so things will not fit between them.

Will a 04 crf 250 petrol tank fit a 06 crf 250?

Hi , i know from experience that a 04 crf450r tank does not fit a 06 crf450r so id say its a fair guess that the 250s dont fit either

2005 Honda crf 250 shifting sequence?

1 N 2 3 4 5

Will a crf fender fit on your 2001 xr 250?

A CRF fender can fit on a 2001 XR250 with slight modification. The rear of the fender will need to be trimmed as it will not clear the body of the motorcycle from the front fork.?æ

How fast does a Honda crf 250 go?

very slow the rmz,yzf,kxf,sxfwill beat it easy

What would win a new Yamaha raptor 250 or a 2005 Honda crf 100?

im thinking the raptor

What is faster a crf 150r or a crf 230f?

i would go with a crf 150r because its motocross and crf 230f suck

Is a Honda CR 85 ok for a 15 year old?

as he is 15 i would get him a 150 crf or even a 250 if he races i have a 250 myself and is amazing on the trails and tracks

CRF 125 top speed?

There is no CRF 125.

Is a crf 100f the same as a crf 100?


Should I get a cr125 or a crf250?

You should get the crf 250. I believe you already knew this. Now I have confirmed it for you. Ride safely and remember, have fun

What is the horsepower of a crf 250r?

a stock crf has 35 hp

Crf 250 top speed?

The top speed for a Honda CRF250 is about 86 miles per hour. That is for a rider of about 150 to 160 pounds.

How fast does a crf 150 go?

my stock crf 150 does 112mph.

Would you have more fun on a 2006 Honda 400ex ATV or Honda crf 250?

well if you like to do preety steep hills and sweet jumps n shtuff then you want the crf. if you want to be a wuss then the 400. 26 years experience not bein a wuss

What does CRF mean on a Honda CRF 230?

the difference between the Honda CR and CRF is that the CR is a two stroke bike, while the CRF is a 4 stroke bike.... the F stand for four stroke