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i think 1987 can u help me about andy murray how many games has he won

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Q: Where did Pythagoras learn maths?
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What is the philosopher that knew about maths?


How did Pythagoras impact society?

Pythagoras is born in 500 AD he is greek he make triangle problems for maths to make maths more boring

What pursuits did Pythagoras dedicate his life to do?


What pursuits did Pythagoras dedicate his life to?


Did Pythagoras want to be famous?

no, Pythagoras don't want to be famous because he only want to improve maths

Why is maths day celebrated?

Maths day is celebrated due to it being made by important people like this Greek mathematican called Pythagoras of Samos. He invented The maths 'Pythagoras Theroem'. We celebrate it to remember who made maths a important subject.

What maths was involved in the pyramids?

Trigonometry and the Pythagoras theorem were used in the pyramids.

Who invented Pythagoras theorem and what is his devotion to maths?

Pythagoras invented the theorem and gave us the relationship between the radius and diameter of a circle to it circumference.

When did Pythagoras go to crotton?

go get a job and tell your teacher that Pythagoras doesn't matter and then tell her that know one cares about MATHS! Hope you liked my answer

Do you have to be very good at maths to become an architect?

Yes, you would need Pythagoras and trigonometry.

Name of five mathamaticians and their history what they invent in maths?

I know one and that's Pythagoras

Make a maths project for CLASS 9th?

You can make a project based on pythagoras theorem.Use icecream sticks