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It was derived from an older currency called pieces of eight

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Q: Where did the dollar sign come from?
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Does the negative sign come before or after the dollar sign?

Does the negative sign come before or after the dollar sign?The negative sign comes before the dollar sign.

Dollar sign that appears immediately to the left of the first digit?

floating dollar sign fixed dollar sign

What is the dollar sign used for?

money --> ([dollar] sign) <--

Can you see an Indonesian dollar sign now?

Indonesia's currency does not have a dollar sign.

Dollar sign that appears immediatly to the left of the first digit?

floating dollar sign

What is a dollar sign?

$ it is American dollar currency

Does the dollar sign have one or two lines through it?

A dollar sign has TWO lines going through it. The one on your keyboard IS NOT the dollar sign, it is another symbol called an "OFFSET" .

What is the sign for dollar?


Why do we have the dollar sign?

so we have something to represent the dollar

Is a dollar sign that is displayed to the far left of a cell in excel a floating or fixed dollar sign?


Can you start a sentence with a dollar sign?

One problem on her math test was marked wrong because she forget to include a dollar sign in the answer. The tag had no dollar sign on it, but he assumed the price was four dollars.

What is the dollar sign for the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom doesn't use dollars but the dollar sign is international ie $.

How do you change US dollar sign to UK pound sign?

What? Change what sign to pound sign?

To assign a dollar sign to appear immediately to the left of the first digit with no spaces?

Currency format with a dollar sign.

Does USD come before or after the amount?

"USD," written instead of the conventional Dollar Sign ($), is usually written before the amount.

What is the correct dollar sign?

$ $ $

Is the dollar sign universal?


Cell reference with one dollar sign?

If there is only one dollar sign, then it is a mixed cell reference. An absolute cell reference has two dollar signs and a relative reference does not have any dollar signs.

What does a dollar sign on silver jewelry mean?

That the people love Dollar's!

How do you insert a floating dollar sign?

Format the cell for Currency if you want the dollar sign to be immediately before the first number (floating dolar sign). Format the cell for Accounting if you want the dollar sign to stay to the left side of the cell no mater the length of the entry (fixed dollar sign).

What is the name of a dollar sign?


How does one sign up for Dollar Bank Online?

To sign up with Dollar Bank Online you simply need to go to the Dollar Bank website. Then you need to click on the 'Sign Up' link on the left hand navigation bar and fill out your details.

What is kesha's sign?

the dollar sign ($) she writes her name like this: Ke$ha

What is the difference between a dollar sign with one line and a dollar sign with two lines?

The difference is only aesthetic. They both mean the same thing.

How did you get the dollar sign?

PEOPLE BELIEVED THAT THE DOLLAR SIGN CAME INTO USE FROM A DESIGN MARKED ON OLD SPANISH COINS CALLED PIECES OF EIGHT. THESE PEICES OF EIGHT WERE USED BY AMERICANS as dollars until they coined their own silver coins. one side of the piece of eight had 2 pillars stamped on it, with a ribbon curling on them. the dollar sign formed by the ribbon probably inspired the dollar sign