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Q: Where did the number 8 come from?
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How come 8 is the atomic number for oxygen?

Oxygen is a non metal element. Atomic number of it is 8.

What number come 8-16-32?


How can you check if 4 6 or 8 is a factor of a given number?

divide the number by 4, 6 , or 8 and if it come out to be a whole number it is a factor of it.

Is 8 a lucky number?

i think that 8 is a lucky number and i think lots of people do as well, many people believe that the number 8 can make your wishes come true. But any number can be lucky for anyone:

Why come you cannot wear the number eight in basketball?

You can wear 8. On some teams, the number may be retired.

Which number come next 64 32 16 8 4 2?

1 do

When will k-on episode 8 come out?

its not out yet the anime is rather new... number 8 hasn't been aired in japan yet.

What number should come next 4 7 15 31 35 19 11?


Write 23 over 8 into whole number?

You can't express 23/8 as just one whole number; the result is not integral. The nearest you can come is "2 with a remainder of 7".

Which number should come next in the series 8 13 21 26 31?

the answer will be 21

What do number systems mean?

Number systems are usually based on something. Our number system is based on 10; this is because we have 10 fingers. If we had 8 fingers then our system would be based on 8. Then we would have a completely different system. In this system, 11 would come after 8 because 8 is the highest number in the system, so after you reach 8 you start over but you increase the number in front by 1.

The difference between a constant and a coefficient?

a constent is a value that never changes. for example number 8. the number 8 is not going to change, it's just 8. a coefficent is a number that multiples a variable. for example: 3n, the number 3 is the coefficent and it always come in front of a variable(in this case the variable is n).