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Depends on what you want to accomplish. When your vehicle has a rough idle, hesitates, stalls, pings or has an after run problem � this is often due to carbon buildup.

When your vehicle�s fuel injectors need cleaning � this is often due to residue left on injectors from poor burning fuels and contaminants.

SEA FOAM MOTOR TREATMENT is added to the fuel to disperse moisture, clean fuel lines and injectors while driving.

When moisture needs to be removed from fuels or an anti gel or de-icer is needed � these conditions are due to condensation in the fuel tank and extreme cold weather creating gas line freeze or diesel fuel gelling.

SEA FOAM MOTOR TREATMENT added to the fuel tanks to dry moisture and cure these problems.

When there is moisture detected in the oil � this problem is due mostly to poor ventilation and condensation. Sometimes, however, there is a bad head gasket, cracked head or block that must be replaced.

When valve lifter noise is apparent or piston rings seem to be sticking � this is often due to dirty and gummed up oil passages, varnished lifters and buildup of gum, varnish and carbon in the piston ring areas.

A SEA FOAM MOTOR TREATMENT added to the oil will clean sticky lifters and free sticky rings. By doing this treatment you will be able to determine if there is a varnish problem or a mechanical problem.

When fuel stabilization and engine fogging is needed � fuels of today become stale in less than thirty days. Therefore, stabilization and engine fogging are needed when vehicles, lawnmowers, snow blowers, outboard motors, chainsaws, motorcycles, gas in cans and engines are put into storage.

My suggestion would be to read the instructions on the bottle. It will tell you where to add it and what it can be used for.

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Q: Where do you add seafoam in a 1996 olds achieva?
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Where do you add radiator Stop Leak to a 1996 Oldsmobile Achieva?

I have used radiator stop leak before in my 1996 Olds Achieva SC with the V6. I put it directly into the coolant resovor. It went in fine for me. This did not give me much help though. I would not recommend using stop leak. It will clog your heater core and then you will have more than the radiator as your problem. Fine a new radiator and replace it that is the best advidce i can give you.

Will a car run on just seafoam?

no it wont seafoam is an addative not a fuel grade your car must have a much higher ingniting point than seafoam. But seafoam does help and should be used one can ever oil change just add it to the gas tank.

How do you make seafoam green paint into a bright green?

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Where does one connect wires for an onoff radiator cooling fan switch that I want to add under the dash of 94 Olds Achieva 3100?

Run a fused HOT line from the fuse block to the switch under dash - the other end to the cooling fan

Do you add injector cleaners to a full tank of gas?

Yes, read the instructions the can. I recommend Seafoam or Techron fuel treatment.

How do you fix a noisy lifter on a 1986 Chevy V6 pickup?

Short of replacing the lifter there is something you can try which works many times. You vehicle has hydraulic lifters and sometimes they can become partially clogged with gunk which causes the lifter to stick. I have done this many times with great results, but there is no guarantee this will work. Purchase a can of Seafoam Motor Treatment. I will post a link to the product so you can read all about it and see what it can do. Add 1.5 ounces of Seafoam to your oil. If your Chevy holds 4.5 quarts then add 6.75 ounces of Seafoam to the oil. I suggest you change the oil/filter and then add the Seafoam. Drive the truck for 1,000 miles and then change the filter and only the filter. Add enough oil to compensate for the loss when changing the filter. Drive it for another 4,000 miles and then change the oil/filter. You should see great results. You can get Seafoam at most Auto Parts and Marines Stores. WalMart has it in some areas. Also add a can to a full tank of fuel to clean your injectors.

How do remove water from gas tank?

Pump the tank and then fill it up with good fuel and add 1 can of a moisture removal such as Heat or Seafoam.

What is best fuel system cleaner for stored and not started 1993 ford escort 1.9liter 4 cylinder fuel injected in almost 6 years?

Seafoam products are good. Remove as much of the old gas as possible then add a few gallons of fresh gas and seafoam fuel additive.

When was Just Add Life created?

Just Add Life was created in 1996-03.

Where do you add refrigerant to a 1995 Oldsmobile Achieva?

The refrigerant needs to be added on the low pressure side of the compressor. this is located under the front of the vehicle by the bottom of the radiator. the line has a fitting which should have a blue cap on it. that's where you add the freon.

Where do you put transmission fluid in a 1989 Olds Cutlass?

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What do you use to clean sludge from engine?

Change your oil/filter and switch to 100% synthetic. Drive it 1,000 miles and change the oil/filter again. This time add a can of Seafoam Engine Treatment to the crankcase that you can buy at most auto parts stores. Drive it another 2,000 miles and change the oil again and add another can of Seafoam. Drive it 5,000 miles and change the oil/filter. This should remove lots of the sludge.

What causes oil vales to click even if oil stick says ok?

In a word, neglect. Not changing the oil as recommended by the manufacture. The lifters are dirty and this causes them to stick. My advise is to add 1.5 ounces of Seafoam Motor Treatment per quart of oil in the crankcase. Lets say your engine holds 4.5 quarts of oil, then add 7 ounces of Seafoam to the crankcase and then drive the vehicle around 50 miles and change the oil/filter. The Seafoam will dissolve the varnish buildup and free the lifters. If one treatment does not work then do it again and then drive 100 miles before changing the oil/filter.

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