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Unless the switch has a pilot light on it there is need for a neutral connection to the switch.

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Q: Where do you attach the neutral in a 240 volt switch?
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Does 240 volt have a neutral wire?

Yes <<>> In North America, a three wire 120/240 volt system uses a neutral wire. For 240 volts two "hot" wires are used with no neutral.

How do you size the neutral in a 240 volt system?

On a 120/240 volt distribution the neutral is sized along with the supply conductors. The sizing is based on the amperage of the service distribution.

How do you switch from 120 volt to 240 volt in house?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service.To operate a 240 volt load in the home you use two adjacent breakers. This will give you a voltage of 240 volts where as one breaker to neutral will give you 120 volts.

Your medical machine says 110240 can you use it in a 240 volt system in cuba?

If you mean 110/240, yes, but there may be a hidden switch to switch it to 240 volt mode. Check the manual.

Can you use a 12 volt dimmer switch for a 240 volt ceiling rose?

No, the voltage rating of the switch is too low.

How do you add a switch to a 240 volt circuit?

The switch needs to be double pole and rated the current of the load and for 240 V.

How do you install a switch for a 240 volt motor?

Use a DPST - A two pole switch.

How do you switch a 120 volt outlet to 240 volt outlet?

You can operate 220-240 volt equipment from standard 110-120 volt outlets with quick220 divices.See related links below.

How many watts can a 10amp 240 volt switch carry?


Is red or white neutral for electrical work?

In residential wiring the white wire is neutral on the 120 volt circuits. On a 3way circuit the red is the traveler and the white is neutral. On a 240 volt 3 wire connection the white & black are hot. On a 240 volt 4 wire connection the black and red are hot and the white is neutral.

Can you use 240 volt 3 phase to run a machine that is 240 volt single phase?

If it is a four wire (ie grounded) circuit, and the phase to neutral voltage is indeed 240 volts, then you can.

If a receptical outlet doesn't have neutral wire where is my problem?

The receptacle that you are looking at might be a 240 volt receptacle and that is the reason, there is no neutral needed. You should be able to tell by the configuration of the blade pattern if it is rated for 240 volt operation.

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