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Most routers have an instruction booklet online. My router I have to enter its internet IP and enter with a password to change settings.

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Q: Where do you enter the port numbers in your CompUSA router to make your Netmeeting program work?
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What does it mean to configure a router?

a router is a device which need to be configured b4 online. Router configuration means What the router should do for us. it is a program containg the ip address the subnet mask the hostname ..

How do you forward ports on routers and when and why?

To forward ports on your router just login to your router's on-line interface. Port Fowarding is used when a program (lets use FileFind [not a real program]) requests a port the router doesn't understand. Lets say that FileFind requests port 130 on your router, but your router doesn't have a port 130. It does, however, have a 128. The port forwarding tells the request to port 130 to be routed through port 128.

What is rollover cable for on Cisco router?

It is called consoling into the Router. You have a terminal program on the computer your wanting to use to connect to it. Then you plug the serial side into the serial port. next the RJ-45 jack into the "console" port of the router.

Can I share an external hard drive across my network with the e4200 router?

Yes, you can connect your hard drive to this router. If use of a program from the e4200 router you can download and install it from the manufactures website and once installed you can share your hard drive.

How do you hack the wireless router without touching the router?

Define touch Define hack How about this. You are sitting on a computer connected to the router by ethernet. You could download a small bruteforce program and let that "hack" the password prompts for you. Now that your in the router, you can update the firmware to DD-WRT. Now you really do have full control of the router.

What is the difference between connecting to a router through the console port or through the telnet program?

If you connect to the router via the console port then you are physically making a connection with a physical cable to the router. This implies you have to be close to the router itself. Using telnet allows you to connect to the router from anywhere in the network, and doesn't require a physical cable connection.

The router reads each bit to determine the class of an address what binary numbers would the router identify as public class A addresses Choose three?


What is needed to get connected to the internet?

You need a modem and either a phone cable or a wireless program with a router.

What is the significance of the router IP address?

A router's IP address is simply an electronic addresses, presented in a series of numbers, that identifying where the router is being used. It is essentially a way to locate a particular person, the same way a house address would.

HOW DO you CONFigure your router to assign ip addresses to network devices?

Read the section of the manual concerning enabling the router to be a DHCP server. DHCP is the magic that assigns IP numbers.

What does wrt54g mean on a Linksys wireless router?

The WRT54G just means that is the model number of router that you have. It's obviously created by Linksys, but different model numbers separate routers.

Where to buy Linksys wireless router software?

Linksys is the name of the manufacturer of wireless routers, the software is the computer program that allows the computer to run the router. Finally they are available at Best Buy or Newegg.

What is one function of the bootstrap program during the router boot process?

loading Cisco IOS software

How can you open a computer to all incoming connections for purposes of a game or web server when networked behind a router without changing the router configuration?

You cannot. For a game to work properly, it must have a path from the server to the client program running on your computer. You can configure your computer to be wide open without changing the router settings, but if the router is blocking the port(s) you need, there's no way to get around it without adjusting the router settings.

What is meant by router?

router is a router

Is there a way to un-install your router without buying a program I have windows 7?

You can un-install the router's software (or any other program) - by clicking... Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features. Scroll down until you find the driver or program, and right-click it. Select uninstall, and follow the prompts, Re-start your computer afterwards to remove the programs references from the registry. That will remove all references to the router from the computer. If you plug the router back in - Windows will 'auto-detect' the 'new' hardware, and set up the drivers for it automatically (it may ask for a disk for the drivers).

Is there a router comparable in speed to a 3com router?

Router 5012 is a very good router or try and SMC router

Ho to install ios on router?

on the router then off the router your ios is install on the router then off the router your ios is install

Where is the router button on PS3?

It would be on your router. the PS3 does not have a router you have to buy one if you need a router

How do you configure ADSL to connect automatically on MAc?

Are you using a Router? Are you using the ISP's Modem/Router? Contact your ISP for instructions. Every area can be different. They should have a phone number and a support web site for troubleshooting. One thing you can do is make sure the router is using "Use Router as DHCP Server" and in the networking panel on your computer your using DHCP, it will take the ip numbers from the router automatically.

Will a router transfer virus to the other computer?

It will, if you (or the virus) tells it to. However, even if a virus is transferred to another computer it will not run on that computer unless you or another program executes it, or unless the virus is able to exploit some security vulnerability in another program in order to run. A router will not transfer viruses to another computer on its own.

What is needed to connect wan to lan?

A router.A router.A router.A router.

How do you configure RIP routing protocol on a Cisco router?

Here is a basic overview of the configuration of RIP on a Cisco router:Router(config)#router ripRouter(config-router)#network 192.168.x.0 address can be changed to whatever address you would like to be broadcast over RIP. There are also other settings that can be configured.If you use RIPv2 you can also have the following configuration:Router(config)#router ripRouter(config-router)#version 2Router(config-router)#network Configured from console by consoleRouter#copy running-config startup-configDestination filename [startup-config]?Building configuration...[OK]Router#

How do you convert a g wireless router to an n wireless router?

If your router does not support N, you have to basically get a new router.

What is router and its types?

edge router,wired&wireless router