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Sears or any auto parts store.

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Q: Where do you get a reducer extension that goes three eighths inch to one quarter inch so you can use a one quarter inch ratchet?
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How do you connect a three eighths od plastic water line to a quarter inch standard fridge water line and is there a compression fitting that reduces?

You shouldn't have a problem finding a reducer at a home/builders supply house.

When was Sonic Reducer created?

Sonic Reducer was created in 1977.

Finding the volume of eccentric reducer?

formula to find volume of an eccentric reducer

Why line reducer is used for centrifugal pumps?

cavitation formed wen concentric reducer in used. but wat is the use of reducer in the both suction and discharge side of the pump. if we dost use (conc & ecc) reducer in the both sides.. there is not effect on pump

What is the function of a eccentric reducer?

the main function of eccentric reducer is to prevent the air pocket to enter to the pump by its shape

Why concentric reducer is used in pump discharge?

The pump discharge reducer doesn't matter if it's concentric or eccentric. It's the pump SUCTION that needs to be an eccentric reducer that is always flat on top (F.O.T.) The eccentric reducer on the pump suction reduces pump cavatation (pump catching air).

What is motor reducer?

Motor reducer is nothing but just a motor coupled with gear at its output to finally have decreased speed.

What is a concentric reducer and when is it used?

A concentric reducer is a round reducer in which the center line remains the same,like a bell. So, anytime you are piping and you need the center to remain constant a concentric is the right choice. the other type is called an ecentric. with it one side of the reducer remains flat. if you were piping across a floor for example.

Where could one buy a speed reducer?

You can purchase a speed reducer online from retailers such as Amazon. Once on the page, type "Speed Reducer" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the items.

Thinner or reducer for oil based paint?

Thinner--specifically, mineral spirits. Reducer is used in urethane car paint.

Can you reduce urethane paint with acyrlic urethane reducer?

I'm guessing this is auto paint. The best rule is to use a reducer of same brand some are not compatible with other brands. e.g.(PPG paint PPG reducer & activator). You will most likely have issues if you mix and match brands. And yes urethane reducer can be used with urethane paint.

What is an oxidiser and reducer?

There are two types of bleach, oxidizers and reducers. A common oxidizer is chlorine bleach. A common reducer is sodium bisulfite.

What rhymes with producer?


What is paint reducer?

its a solvent

What is a reducer in an experiment I'm talking about a reducer like glycerol?

A reducer or reducing agent is something that can lose electrons and be oxidized so that another compound can gain electrons and become reduced. For example: glycerol can be oxidized to glyceraldehyde allowing for NAD+ to be reduced to NADH.

What are the release dates for Found a Flesh Reducer - 1915?

Found a Flesh Reducer - 1915 was released on: USA: 1 February 1915

What is a reducer in a food chain?

A reducer completes the food chain or actually the cycle. Reducers, or decomposers, decompose the dead animals or dead plants, releasing minerals into the soil.

Is Aleve a fever reducer?


What types of superplasticizers are divided into?

Five main types of new water reducers: (1) Polycarboxylic acid water reducer (2) Naphthalene water reducing agent (3) Sulfamic acid series water reducer (4) Modified lignosulfonate to reduce water (5) Hybrid water reducer

Is alcohol an oxidizer?

No, alcohol is usually a reducer.

Does Tylenol contain antihistamine?

No. It contains a pain and fever reducer.

How do you remove serpentine belt from alternator on 1995 Chevy s10?

Get a ratchet with a 3/8" drive. You may need a short piece of pipe for leverage. You could use a 1/2" drive (bigger wrench) with a reducer on it. Or even a breaker bar with a reducer on it, as long as it is 3/8" at the end. Crawl under the truck. On the lower passenger side you will see the belt tensioner pulley. In the arm, between the pulley and its pivot, you will see a 3/8" square hole. Put the wrench in it. With the wrench set correctly, lift the tensioner and slip the belt off of a pulley.

What is usage of concentric and eccentric pipe reducer?

An eccentric reducer is mostly used to force air in a direction, normally towards a pump or airvalve so that it does not get trapped inside the pipework.

What is the difference between eccentric and concentric reducer?

concentric reducer are when wedon't want to change the centre line for fluid while eccentric is used when we want to change the centre line for fluid

How much line does a fox stratos fs 7000 carp fishing reel hold?

Line capacity without reducer is 300m of 10lb; with full reducer, capacity is 200m of 10lb and with a shallow reducer spool, capacity is further reduced to 150m of 10lb. Come have a look at my carp fishing website on my profile.