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it came from an italian mathemation durr

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Q: Where does the number zero come from?
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How come you cannot divide a number by zero but you can multiply a number by zero?

If you multiply any number by zero the answer is zero If you dividea number by zero the answer is undetermined. It is usually infinity , since when you divide a number ( numerator0 by a small the number (denominator) the smaller that denominator the larger the answer, and zero is so small that the answer is infinite. But not always, as in special cases when the numerator is also zero

Where did the number zero come from?

zero was invented by great mathematician Aryabhata.

How come zero divided by zero in not defined?

Any number divided by zero is undefined. This is true it is because you cannot divide something into zero groups (but you can put zero into an existing amount of groups, which is why zero can legally be divided by other numbers).

What decimal numbers come before zero?

The decimal numbers that come before zero are : -20.3, -40.8 , -0.6 , -6.02 and many more . These are the numbers come before zero and present on left side of the number line.

Where did zero come from?

the actual number zero (0) was first used in India circa the 9th century BCE. The concept of zero was known earlier (arguably as far back as the Babylonians), but it was not used in calculations and not treated as a true number.

Where does the Mayan number system come from?

the Mayan number system is called the Hieroglyphics, they thought that zero counted as a number, so they put that zero into the counting system... i hope this answer helps

You zero a number?

Did u mean how to make a number zero?. If so, then the answer is to make a number zero, it is needed to multiply the number with Zero .

Which number when added to a number gives a sum equal to a number?

zero + zero = zero

Is zero a negative number?

No. A negative number is a number below zero, not zero itself.The number zero is neither negative nor positive.

What is the product of a number and zero?

A number multiplied by zero equals zero.

Why zero is the ending of a number?

There is not always a zero at the end if the number. there is a zero if the number is divisible by five.

What number is not a factor of any number but zero?

No number exists. ============ Zero is not a factor of any number but zero.