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Thats what im trying to find out!!!!

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Q: Where in the world get 6 months of constant darkness and why?
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Does Alaska have solid darkness for 6 months?

yes my cousin lived in anchorage for two years and the had 6 months of light and 6 months of darkness

What is the country starting with the letter D that has 6 months of daylight and 6 months of darkness?


How do people live in green land when there is 6 months of darkness?


What Would Happen If The World Quit Spinning?

If the world stopped spinning it would do it gradually and each side of the world would either get the Sun for a whole year or darkness for a year. There would be no more northern lights and the protection of cosmic rays would vanish along with other high energy particles. When the world stops spinning completely then one side of the earth would be in a total eclipse and the other would be in constant sunshine each year, in and out. This is true but actually we would either be in light or darkness for only 6 months. Because IF the world stopped spinning but revolved around the sun then we would be in darkness or light for 6 months BECAUSE when the earth goes around the sun it will be transferring from one season to the other.

Does fairbanks Alaska have 6 mos of darkness?

Fairbanks Alaska has 11 months of darkness per year, and 5 months of light/dark mix the rest of the year. Except during leap year, when Fairbanks only has 9 months total, and 7 of them are non-stop light, to make up for the eleven months of darkness.

Can constant pressure on the stomach cause miscarriage at 6 months?

No, the fetus is safe inside.

What countries have 6 months daylight and darkness?

United States, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia.

Why does Nome Alasks have six months of darknes?

It is based upon the tilt of the earth's axis. At the top of the earth (North Pole), the earth receives either very little light or too much light. Near the north pole, they receive 6 months of darkness followed by 6 months of light. Keep in mind that this is not total darkness or total sun for these months but the months get gradually darker or lighter as the season progresses.

Why is the sun visible for so many hours of the day in Alaska?

Every place on Earth, when averaged out over a year, gets 6 months of daylight and 6 months of darkness. At the equator this daylight and darkness is spaced out in about 12 hour intervals (day and night). However, because of the tilt of the Earth's axis of spin, as one move towards the poles the length of night and day changes with the seasons until when you reach the poles, daylight lasts for 6 continual months and darkness lasts for 6 continual months. Alaska is near the North pole, so during summer the days are very long.

In the world which country have 6 months daylight and 6 monhts night?

The only places which have 6 months daylight and 6 months night are the North and South poles.

Is it normal to still have side effects from birth control after 3 months?

yes i have been having side effects for 6 months constant bleeding

What country have continuous 6 month sunrises and 6 months darkness?

the answer is Sweden it has 6 months of light and 6 months of darkness that is the case because it is above the Arabic circle,witch is a circle around the northpole,extending down to a latitude of 23 degree's which is equal to the tilt of earth axis. Because of the tilt of the axis, any place North of the Arctic circle will have sunlight 24 hours a day for half the year, and darkness the rest of the year, or at least twilight. You can see how this works if you shine a light from across the room onto a globe which has the correct tilt of 23 degrees.